Cyclops god rant/some ideas

  • For a long time cyclops god has been the most useless god ever. Now it is time to change it.
    So basically um what i was thinking of was um
    Really, Jokes aside, I think we should add a whitebag or a dungeon for cyclops god. The cyclops god is a quest which appears at about level 12-17. In the lvl 12-17, most people ignore him and it has become one of the most completely useless quest which only gives the same amount of exp as about 3 gods. Even the ent ancient without the whitebag drop is good beacuse it drops the belladonna's garden. So, either make a whitebag for him (e.g his club; may be a good one) or connect a dungeon to it when you kill it.
    If you disagree of have some opinion on this topic, please leave a comment below

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    It's meant to be a fairly useless boss. It's just something for new players to kill on their first few characters for slightly better gear or the Quest XP. It's too easy of a boss to drop a white bag, and there's no dungeons in progress which would be suitable for the Cyclops God - and I doubt that one will be made specifically for it.

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    @sunghun A dungeon would make more sense than a whitebag.
    Who knows? Ent got a white... 4, in fact...
    I'm thinking it would have to have its AI changed to be buffable for a white the same way ent had QoT.

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    This post is deleted!

  • it does have a purpose as it spawns a new event each time you kill one.

  • 100% drops of snakepit and t9-t10 gear. not much but at least new players would search and kill him. and maybe place t9-t11 gear and t4 abilities in chest.

    supporting to him dropping eternal rest/barbarian helm only. armor are best in slot for some and hard to get. ring is "hearth dragon" and armor are named leather so both fit with adult drake.

  • I always thought that Cyclops God is a glutton, so i assumed that Turkey Time would fit for him.


    Turkey time drops t13-14, which is way too much for a realm dungeon. IMO Cyclops God should drop the set which currently drops from Adult White Dragon, I think it fits him more.


    I think cyclop should drop op itenz cuz only 12-17 lvl quest!

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