Shield of Chiseled Wood

  • Shield of Chiseled Wood: An enormous shield created by the most talented carpenters of the realm, given to the Beer God as a gift.

    Tier: Untiered
    MP Cost: 85
    Shots: 4
    Damage: 650-700
    Projectile Speed: 30
    Projectile Size
    Range: 3.2
    Effect: Paralyzed for 4 Seconds.
    Effect: Stunned for 1.5 Second.
    Time delay between uses: 3 Seconds
    Stat Bonus: +12 Def, -6 SPD
    Fame Bonus: 5%
    Feed Power: 0 ( if pets were existent on Nilly's then the fp would be 850 )

    Drops from:

    Beer God ( White Bag - 1/400 )

    I've put a load of thought into this item and balanced it out as much as possible, I've wanted to create a shield that paralyzes and stuns for a short period of time, I would love if it only had the paralyze but as you know a knight without a stunning item is basically useless ( except ogmur which does a lot of damage ), so to not make a knight with this shield completely useless I put a 1.5 second stun effect. The shield would be useful in places like WC, Events in realm, and other places where paralyze is useful.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Am I just not seeing the sprite, or did you not put one up there?

    o _ o'

  • Sorry pal, but it's way too overpowered. Your shield does 2x more damage than colossus at cost of even lower mana. You're capable of dealing 3000 dmg in a single swing, and knight's shield damage is already high with colossus. The fact that it doesn't pierce, has shorter stun duration and has speed penalty changes almost nothing, because paralyze + stun + high damage is a brutal combo which makes things easy. However, i like the 3 second cooldown, it forces the user not to stand on boss, so i guess it really is noticable. What i dislike is the huge damage and low mp cost.

    What i'd recommend is to reduce damage, increase mp cost. Something like 100 MP and 400-500 damage.
    Keep creating items, i'm sure you'll get a hang of it more!

  • The Love shack

    Nerf the damage, and add a sprite

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    No sprite(or didn't load well).

    Paralyze is longer than stun... And has less MP cost than the others untiered shields and on top of that, the damage is insane.

    I suggest a huge nerf on the damage and shots, and keep the Mp cost but lower Paralyze duration ti 1 sec and stun duration to 2.

    There aren't Beer Gods on nillys so i would suggest on thinking on other drop location

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