Pixel Dungeon(WIP)

  • I have been working on this dungeon for a few days and have finished the white bag items for the bosses. Would like some feedback on their appearances and stats.
    dungeon key:
    dungeon door:

    Lloyd's Beacon:
    An intricate magic device that allows you to return to a place you have already been.

    Teleport to mouse
    no decoys

    1 second cooldown
    fame bonus:5%

    Why is this item unique and balanced?
    It is the ultimate escape item allowing you to teleport much faster and for more uses than with a t0 prism, but steals some hp to prevent it from becoming far to overpowered for leeching and rushing

    Tengu set(ninja)

    Carved Blade:
    A small blade carved of stone. Being made of stone it has considerable heft and cuts deep.
    Range: 3
    RoF: 50%
    Does not Pierce
    fame bonus:5%

    Why is this item unique and balanced?
    This katana is great for bosses that have no minions or single enemies. a katana A.S.S if you will

    Ninja Star:
    A small star, simple in design, but deadly none the less.

    Teleport to mouse
    Damage: 300-350
    Range: 10
    gives stun for 3 seconds
    Cooldown: 5 seconds
    fame bonus:6%

    Why is this item unique and balanced?
    It gives laughable damage for a star and has terrible range for the high mp cost but allows the user to stun enemies on a class other than a knight and the teleport allows you to get to the stunned enemy much quicker or make a faster and safer escape.

    Tengu Gi:
    A gi, once worn by a powerful monk, corrupted by darkness and insanity. It is soaked in the blood of heroes before you.

    wis: -5
    fame bonus:6%

    Why is this item unique and balanced?
    it trades def and wis for speed and dex, allowing for a more offensive playing style

    Broken Shackles:
    A worn pair of shackles presumably to keep the tengu in.... they obviously did not work....

    fame bonus:5%

    how is this item unique and balanced?
    it gives considerable bonuses to def,spd,and dex while taking away some of a characters MP

    Cape of Thorns:
    These collapsed sheets of metal from the DM-300 have formed together into a rigid wearable cape. It seems to store a deep energy

    gives invulnerable for 4.5 seconds
    gives damaging for 3 seconds
    gives bleeding for 7 seconds
    4 second cooldown
    fame bonus: 6%

    why is this item unique and balanced?
    it is the only cloak to not give invisibility, and instead give invulnerable. it gives bleeding for 7 seconds to simulate the deferred damage that the cape gives you in the original pixel dungeon.

    Warrior's Suit of Armor:
    A suit of armor worn by a powerful warrior. It is sturdy and limits drawback but light.

    fame bonus:5%

    how is this item unique and balanced?
    it is a great armor for more defensive players giving substantial bonuses to the defensive stats and takes away some of your dps.

    Mage Robe:
    A mage from a distant land once reigned in this dungeon with this robe. Just being near the robe reminds you of battles you never even fought in.

    fame bonus:5%

    Why is this item unique and balanced?
    it gives good bonuses to att and wis and takes away some vit, which could be fatal for an inexperienced player

    Rouge Garb:
    A shadowy armor, once belonging to a very elusive rouge.... well at least we think it did...

    def: +16
    fame bonus:5%

    Why is this item unique and balanced?
    It gives decent defense, speed, and dexterity bonuses in exchange for regenerative stats.

    Huntress Cloak:
    A cloak, used by a successful huntress in her quest for fame and glory.
    thanks to Potman for the sprite

    fame bonus:5%

    How is this item unique and balanced?
    This armor is very offensive and sacrifices def for offensive stats

    The Amulet of Yendor:
    It is said that the amulet is able to fulfill any wish if its owner's will-power is strong enough to "persuade" it to do it.

    this item resurrects the user upon death
    fame bonus:7%

    how is this item unique and balanced?
    it would be one of 2 items that revives you upon death, but with

  • Trading Moderators

    Prism is far too overpowered. Even if is costs 10hp as well as 10mp, that doesn't justify being able to spam it so much. 10HP is nothing, you can regen that in 2 seconds. Does the beacon need to be on that stick though? Why can't the beacon itself be the item, the stick looks silly.

    Katana: Doku is far superior, making this katana useless in comparison. You should try to give it a different niche other than range/damage if you can think of one.

    The Shuriken needs to be nerfed in some way. It's too overpowered being able to teleport as a ninja - it transforms Ninja into a Trickster. It looks a bit small, and that red pixel is too out of place, if that's blood then it needs to be a darker red.

    Armor: Okay, the stats here are alright. I can imagine a few people using it - not me however. The sprite is terrible though, you should retry making it. Also, straight jackets are typically white, so I'm not sure why you decided to use black.

    I don't really comment on item ideas much, there are definitely people more experienced with this than me. This is all I could think of as feedback.

  • I'm not sure, but copying items from Pixel Dungeon is not really a good idea.
    Yea, im a big fan of Pixel Dungeon (installed shattered, still cant beat it, lol) and those items would come in handy, however... im not sure.

    @Wizardism he was talking about this beacon
    though i still liked the radio thingy more

  • Trading Moderators

    @Vasya Oh, alright.

    @Bilore It's stated that the server won't be allowing any more items/events which infringe copyright.
    Edit: Okay, nevermind that then.

  • @Wizardism i have already thought of this and asked in a different thread. i found that since pixel dungeon does not make any money from its game and that it has and open source, that it would be fine to use it as reference for a dungeon.
    thank you for the feedback though i will try and fix my items

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Vasya I've recently been playing pixel dungeon. Never realised these were inspired by it x)

  • updated with some more itenz

  • finished putting the items up

  • Donor

    a cloak that prevents anti rougers on events? sign me up!

  • Detective

    @Bilore sprite of the prism is trash. Tbh the prism is a bit weird i think id use a t0 instead.

    Sprite of katana is also garbage and it seems a bit useless so...

    Ninja star sprite is also bad and a ninja shouldn't be given the abilities of other classes it just makes those classes useless.

    Straight jacket sprite is godawful and is also godawful as an item.

    Broken shackles are bad as a sprite and an item

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    WTH I see a T6 cloak and not a Huntress cloak

  • Wiki Editor

    @Potman Is that your T6 reskinned cloak for that Huntress's Cloak...?

  • @creeper i asked potman and he said it was ok to use his sprite.
    @coldblade i didnt sprite for pixel dungeon, and i wanted to keep the sprites as close to the actual thing as possible
    0_1473200988158_1473188587478-capture10.png mine^
    0_1473200996608_download.png actual^

  • Wiki Editor

    @Bilore K, I'll let this pass.

    Just making sure no sprites were really stolen, that's all ;)

  • @its-That-Guy thank you for the feedback but i would like info on how to improve my items, not just that they stink :C

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Bilore But idk if u were trading some person and they had this you could probably confuse it with T6
    Also remove the +3 luck on the amulet and please make it not an "amulet" as we have another Resurrection item with amulet

  • @coldblade i cannot change the fact that it is an amulet, as i am trying to stay as close to the original as possible, but if you have a suggestion on different stats that would suit it better im all ears

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @ColdBlade how would the cloak be confused with a T6? I mean, look at the sprites!(unless Potman's cloak overhaul gets added).

  • Detective

    @Bilore o lel sorry here are recommendations:

    Don't give abilities the abilities of other classes.
    Balance your items out.
    Compare your items with items that are already in the game.
    Don't put copyright.

    That's pretty much it. Check Marty's spriting guide to improve your sprites i hope this helped.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Night-Owl Highly doubtful that his sprites are gonna get overhauled and either way, the cloak doesn't fit in with the others
    Sorry for the hate but i just don't like the similar colors and whatnot

  • Plebs

    For those who don't know, he is referencing this

    I have played the game, it is very fun, but it might be copyright.

  • @dip i wondered the same thing when i started this idea, but i asked in a different post and since pixel dungeon is free and the source is open most people agreed that the copyright law is void here

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