• what ring should i use on my warrior and should i get jugg or unholy helm

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    @carlosxoxo It depends on play style.
    If you like to stay safe, the jugg is the best option. The uh helm is a lot harder to master as it gives speedy, which if you are mixed with a load of other debuffs is not always helpful, and it also gives speedy to the whole group, which can make some people not wanting/expecting it very salty. So overall it is just whether or not you want to stay safe and slow or add a bit of risk to get a bit speedier.
    Oh, and ring is just personal choice, but creed is a solid ring for warriors.

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    @carlosxoxo Rings are in your preference if you want offense, defense, or both. I like creed, but if that's not available, I go for a pyra, reactor, pizza ring (here and there), or even just an exa hp/dex combo.

    Both helmets are great and get both if you have enough fame.
    Jugg's more for a starter player with berserk/armored.
    UH Helm depends on timing or group buff.
    Your opinion.

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    Use Jugg until you can buy both, since UH is far more situational. As for the ring, I suggest a ubhp+ubdex. Creeper's ring suggestions are good, although I prefer using a ubhp on any class since it's usually better for survivability if that's what you're after.

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    To add to @Wizardism , I like to use mayhem on warrior, since you'll shoot fast enough with berserk anyways.


    @hurrrdurrr I disagree. Jugg Warrior hardly needs more Def or Vit, and Mayhem provides 50 less HP than UBHP, which IMO at least makes ubhp the better choice here. I could see why someone would want to use mayhem though.



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    jugg looks fuckin sick

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