Rock Dragon & real LoD - why are there no Jester cloths?

  • Would be nice if we could develop Rock Dragon event into game, also if it (does) drop Lair of Draconis can we please have all bosses available already? - This could shed new light on NEW ideas for each dragon to drop. (I think this would be good use of time putting into game.)

    Also why isn't there Jester cloths in bazaar? - Do they still drop from Puppet Master boss?

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    this seems like a gud idea :DD pls add @nilly :33

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    Rock Dragon is currently in the game, it has been for a long time - although the behaviours are not yet good enough to be placed in the realm as an event. That's the same reason why the LoD isn't yet complete, since no one is able/willing to code the behaviours. Right now we've only got a half completed rock dragon, Limoz and the Ivory Wyvern, there's a lot of work to be done. It will drop LoD when/if it's complete although I doubt that will be any time soon.

    Not sure about the Jester Cloth since I never really paid attention to that one, and I never really do Puppets either. I'm guessing it would drop since all of the other drops are there, I just don't think it has been placed in the bazaar map yet. Just an educated guess, I can't be completely sure about if it drops or not though.

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