Gluttony Ninja (Ninja Set Idea) [FINISHED]

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    Gluttony Ninja

    This one goes out to my pal @food

    0_1473209540043_Snickers Bar.png
    This was a discord-community created set started by me and further progressed with help of people like @Vasya , @MateUWant , @GoldeBlade and @ColdBlade . It is a set for the Ninja class that breaks away from everything you understand and know about Ninja (Not really, but it's coolio stuff). The Onigiri (rice ball) sprite is credited to ColdBlade. MateUWant made the sushi sprites for the Bamboo Chopsticks. The set has gone over some major development since I've last posted about it, including stats and the replacement of two items. I will post the two items that got replaced at the end so you can view them if you wish.

    The Katana

    8x8: Uploaded to Imgur. View here
    Sprite Shots:

    0_1473208039615_Bamboo Chopsticks.png

    8x8: Uploaded to Imgur. View here
    Name: Bamboo Chopsticks
    Shot name: Sushi 1 , Sushi 2
    Desc: Treated chopsticks fasioned out of bamboo designed for picking up food with ease, yet strangely also good at throwing food too. (Thanks to Pringle and Discord Team)
    Shot Size: 100
    Rotation: -40
    Min. Damage: 40
    Max. Damage: 40
    Shots: 2
    Arc Gap: 3
    Shotspeed: 180
    Lifetime: 220
    Range: 3.96
    Amplitude: 0.3
    Frequency: 1.2
    Wavy? []
    Parametric? []
    Rate of Fire: 190(%)
    Multihit? []
    Armor Piercing? []
    Ignores Obstacles? []
    Fame Bonus: 5%
    Drop Location & Chance: Murderous Megamoth (0.6%) [0.006]
    Bag Type: 6 (White Bag)
    Unique: Is the only katana that has Armor Piercing. Unlike the common theme of most UT katanas, the range is less than tiered katanas.
    Balanced: Is outdamaged by other katanas until roughly 51 defense, where this katana starts dealing more damage. This is a very useful katana for bossing, and fits the style well as a tanky ninja. Is still very viable if not using the complete set. Despite dealing less damage than the A. Edge and having less range, it is more reliable and consistant in the damage it does produce, and is much faster. Set bonus effects help imrpove it's damage.
    Based on a test done by Vasya, the Bamboo Chopsticks solo kill bes 7 seconds faster than doku. With the completed set, this would be roughly 9.1 seconds faster than doku.
    Doku = 70 seconds [TOMB DEFENDER]
    Chopsticks = 63 seconds [TOMB DEFENDER]

    Please note the bamboo chopsticks killing time was increased due to a recent buff.
    (Vasya's Video)

    Olive green is the pre-buff chopsticks, the neon green is the improved chopsticks.

    0_1473456946260_Soup Can.png

    The Shuriken

    0_1473208648157_Ramen Noodles.png
    8x8 Sprite: Uploaded to Imgur. View here
    Sprite shot:
    8x8 Sprite Shot: Uploaded to Imgur. View here
    Name: Ramen Bowl
    Shot name: Bowl
    Description: Hot flavorful noodles in a hard wood bowl. Very filling, and the bowl is reusable too! (Thanks to Pringle and the Discord Team)
    Rotation: 50
    Hex Color Particles: #ffff66 0_1473127973993_upload-c037ec36-529b-42ad-8e74-2f2c00e18b90
    Particle Lifetime: 250
    Min. Damage: 300
    Max. Damage: 700
    MP Cost: 100
    MP Cost per second: 20
    Effect: Healing 0_1473285337827_upload-c4cbc37e-8cc3-4352-af4f-ffaf131c6924 and the Slowed 0_1473285395447_upload-eb8646ca-b5c4-4609-a16e-96f7755b7646 debuff to yourself until released. When released, if above 100 mana, will launch out the empty bowl projectile and use up 100 mana. Shot applies the Dazed 0_1473128887765_upload-b6c1c7b0-7f00-4775-be9a-2096a8f1553b debuff to monsters. Does not give speedy, obv.
    Fame Bonus: 5%
    ((Any and all information not given (Shot speed, ect.) is from the t6 shuriken.))
    Drop Location & Chance: Chicken Oryx (0.8%) [0.008]
    Bag Type: 6 (White Bag)
    Unique: Is the only shuriken who's use over time effect isn't Speedy 0_1473128837417_upload-f105ebd4-e773-49c5-b12b-a504f76d474f Only shuriken that applies the Dazed 0_1473128887765_upload-b6c1c7b0-7f00-4775-be9a-2096a8f1553b effect to monsters.
    Balanced: Healing effect also means double the MP consumption per second. Damage is heavily lowered due to the added Dazed effect.

    The Light Armor

    0_1473208663930_Gigantic Garb.png
    Sprite 8x8: Uploaded to Imgur. View here
    Name: Gigantic Garb
    Description: A very light armor that seemingly provides no protection, but is a very loose and comfortable fit for anybody who is willing to show some beer belly. (Thanks to Pringle and the Discord Team)
    Stats: 150hp 70mp 5 Vit
    Fame Bonus: 5%
    Unique: Is the only light armor, aside from Cheater Light Armor, that doesn't provide any defense.
    Balanced: To make up for the loss of defense: health, mana and vit are all heavily increased.
    Drop Location & Chance: Ivory Wyvern (0.5%) [0.005]
    Bag Type: 6 (White Bag)

    The 'Ring'

    8x8 Sprite: Uploaded to Imgur. View here
    Name: Overfilled Onigiri
    Desc: An onigiri over-filled with rice. The tasty crisp seaweed comes from the depths of the ocean trench. (Thanks to Pringle and the Discord Team)
    Stats: 80hp 5vit 5dex 3def
    Unique & Balanced: Doesn't directly copy any other ring. Completes the set for the stat bonuses. Very low stat bonuses to unlock the set bonuses. Completion stats make up for the ring stats.
    Fame Bonus: 5%
    Drop Location & Chance: Thessal the Mermaid Goddess (1.0%) [0.01]
    0_1473130655143_upload-6059fc31-0629-4b98-9eb6-dc5cccfcd2ff Bag Type: 4 (Cyan)

    Set bonus of Gluttony Ninja:


    Currently not sure if there will be a full set sprite as of yet. Will edit and add to the post if it is made.

    Entire Set Benefits [Entire Set Maxed Ninja]

    +270 hp
    +13 def
    +10 vit
    +10 dex
    +70 mana

    [HP: 990]
    [MP: 322]
    [DEF: 38]
    [DEX: 80]
    [ATT: 70]
    [SPD: 60]
    [WIS: 70]
    [VIT: 50]

    -Explanation of Balance and Uniqueness-

    AKA a whole bunch of words.

    This is a set that provides high health regeneration as well as some dex for some decent damage per second. Unlike Satsujinken , this set is actually unique (roasted) and plans to provide what it couldn't: Some diversity. When compared to the Satsujinken set, which is: +60 HP, +20 DEF, 10 SPD and +11 DEX, you can see the health, despite being a lot, is not as overpowered as it seems. This set pretty much exchanges defense for more health to absorb stronger hits, unlike this sets focus on medium to weak hits. This set helps fix one of ninjas biggest weak points: health regeneration.

    This set is heavily designed around either lengthy bosses or just generally hard-hitting ones. For example, the tomb bosses, avatar, and shatters. You would not want to use this set over Satsujinken in simple dungeons like Snake Pit or Sprite World, and you'd probably use Satsujinken on evens more often than using Gluttony Ninja.
    As you can see according to the DPS graph, the chopsticks hold well as a versitile katana in the 70-90 range, and thrive anywhere above that. The strong difference between Bamboo and Edge is that Bamboo deals its damage in bursts, rather than Edge's strong slow shot. This combined with its low damage range, makes it highly reliable.

    The A. Edge has a much wider range, really hurting how effective it is against higher defense enemies. This is made up, however, against medium defense bosses where defense doesn't beat it down as much. The Chopsticks are best used against high level bosses where you have to move more with, rather than using the A. Edge were if you miss a shot awhile dodging, you'll have to wait longer to shoot again.

    You really can't compare the Ramen Bowl to the bland Murderous Shuriken, as you're pretty much putting it up against the t6 star. It also doesn't share nearly any similarities to midnight star except the debuff time against monsters. The Ramen Bowl really does fit nicely in the set to work with the high health for quick recovery. It also works in other combinations of equipment due to Ninjas incredible lack of vitality or any means to recover health quickly.

    Instead of expanding on what ninja is good at, unlike Satsujinken's speed bonus, this set helps aim at what he's not: Ninja's need of vitality and health. Each part of this set can be used in other sets too, and unlike most sets the ring was not created totally useless! If you guys are wondering the reason behind the drop locations of Woodland and Oryx Chicken, it's to make these bosses not as big of a joke. Seriously, very few people ever fight these two bosses. Any time one of them appears, its just because somebody either had a spare key or wanted to ruin jeebs. This is my attempt to add life to these bosses. Onigiri's drop location is mostly just a reference to it containing seaweed, and I feel like people should look forward to more in Ivory Wyvren than just the midnight star, so I added in the Gigantic Garb to drop there.

    All sprites (excluding the Overfilled Onigiri) were made by me. If they happen to look like any of your sprites, it is purely 'coin'cidence. (Lel funny pun)

    Helpful Discord Members (The Discord Team)

    I know I said I'd call out all the members, but these where really the only ones that helped. If you helped a lot, and I did not mention you, then please PM me as soon as possible.

    JMN @GoldeBlade [Provided the katana's DPS chart]
    MateUWant @MateUWant [Helped balance and review items and made the Sushi projectile sprites.]
    Vasya @Vasya [Helped plan the items out and reviewed the katana, provided the Doku VS Chopsticks video.]
    Coldblade @ColdBlade [Provided Onigiri sprite and helped with items]
    Turtlebat @TurtleBat [Major balance overhauls and criticism]

    [Description call outs also not needed, but appreciated.]
    Replaced Sprites:
    (1) Gold Token. Was the shuriken and the gilded coin idea. Unfortunately, the gilded coin idea was scrapped.

    (2) Chopstick Sheath. Currently unused. Was the ring.

    If you wish to see these sprites, contact me on discord, or check the discord forum post here.
    Note: Sorry for any misunderstandings regarding the previous post. The previous post as just to advertise the discord, not to publish the entire set.

    Please, if you're going to criticize the set, keep it constructive and add ways that it can be improved.
    0_1473216273046_photo.jpg Thank you very much for looking at our item idea!

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    Yay you finally made the actual post

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    @ColdBlade Was finding and correcting a few typos and such. Sorry for the delay. c;

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    Euphoric shit mate

  • 27

    @Pringle Is there going to be an entire set skin for this?
    I feel like it needs to reference po from kung fu panda but maybe tha's just me

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    @LagoonZz Perhaps. I'm not very good at spriting full 16x16 sprites. ;s

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    @Pringle im not good at spriting full stop :'(.

    I might try and make a 'dragon warrior' warrior set relating to Po, but i'll probably give up half way through

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    W8 for the skin to be ready :D

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    @Night-Owl Hype boiz!

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    Can i submit my set skin
    Ok here it is:
    Hes a fat ninja so he takes up whole screen and you cant see him 10/10

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    @ColdBlade Nice... quality.

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    @Pringle ty
    spent 10 hours on it
    lel funny pun

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    @ColdBlade idk if i need to feel offended or just laught at it.

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    @Night-Owl It's not meant to offend anyone (except maybe the ninja)
    It's not meant to be a joke about your sprite. Your sprite is 10000(x+6) times better (if x is the "goodness" of the black square) I like it too


    who would want a katana that does 40 dmg max that ignores the moster def and shots 2 so the max will be like 80 but no mutihit. even a t12 katana can do better dmg

  • Detective

    @love-dont-hate you forgot to add the damage. The dps shows this weapon is best in high def enemies.


    @"its-That-Guy." that is what a ninja star is for duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    @love-dont-hate I think you're forgetting how attack changes your damage. Consider looking at the DPS chart and the video to seeing how it works.


    @Pringle ya so u can still hit with a star and get loot and mutihit is beter than something that ignores def

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    @love-dont-hate Multihit isn't better than ignores defense if you're fighting things like bes for example. Once again, please actually read the stats and watch the video. You don't just throw a ninja star and say "Oh there goes some ignore defense!" If your goal was to merely get loot, then you could use any katana you want honestly.


    This post is deleted!


    @Pringle no im say that with muti hit u can get loot but with ignore def u would have to fight through the mob to get dmg and u would take dmg u u take to long or worse die . with muti hit u can just do like 4 hit and leave and have a chage of geting loot because nilly drop rates are so high

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    @love-dont-hate Like I said, if you wanted to just get loot you could use any katana you want in the world. Many high defense bosses offer moments where there are no enemies and you can just focus on the boss. This is for those moments. If there are enemies around a boss, consider swapping to a different katana until the phase changes. Nearly all of the weapons in Nilly's Realm aren't balanced around "Oh you shoot it twice to get loot", they're balanced around damage and moments to use it.

  • @Pringle Looks good. 10 Fried rice balls out of 10

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