Shatters white Idea.

  • Scepter of the Forgotten One
    (Drops from the Forgotten King)
    ST Teired
    1/1200 drop. (White Bag)
    320 Damage to 3 Enemies
    Dazed for 3 Seconds
    Curses for 5 Seconds
    Bleeds for 5 Seconds
    (Effect on self)
    Weakened for 0.5 Seconds
    MP Cost: 165
    Fame Bonus: 5%
    Stat Boosts:
    +5 Dexterity
    +3 Attack
    In my form of idea The scepter would have a narrow, yet long range in which it would arc, as it only hits 3 enemies, causing you to be able to pick and choose what to hit*
    Item Description:
    Capable of causing pain impossible to describe, with only a single bolt most foes will lose the will to fight, but using this ancient artifact takes a great toll on its bearer. (Insert some form of credit given to me here)
    I've been thinking about how the Sorc. needs a little love in the prospect of his ability, and this is what I came up with. The scepter, compared to Fulmi (The only other good scepter in game) Has around 3x the MP Cost, Focus's primarily on weakening the target (While Fulmi is commonly used to rush) and has an effect on yourself to make sure that it isn't entirely overpowered, and best used with a small group. It doesn't target even half as many creatures as Fulmi, and has a more narrow yet longer blast range, so it'd be best used for bosses when you're at them.

    Shatters needed some love when it came to whites anyways, and If I can get this a decent bit of balance I'd work on a corresponding set with the other 3 shatters bosses, and maybe a ring that drops from switches (Or something like that)


    It's an interesting idea. However, I think for the incredible mana cost (almost 3 fulmi blasts!) the durations on the effects should be extended. Perhaps Armor Break for 3 seconds, Curse for 6 seconds, and Paralyze for 1 second? I'd probably also remove the Dazed debuff, the 165 MP cost is more than enough to balance it. (For reference, Fulmi has a MP cost of 65, and Skybolts/Storms has a cost of 85)

  • you do need to follow the full format @CoreCancer like why is it unique and balanced

  • 27

    I think the sprite needs a little more shading - try using lots of slightly different shades of grey instead of just one big block.


    No shading!!!
    And i think he should have stat debuff ;_;

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Could see this dropping from penta.

    I think you added too many effects on this item which make it seem highly unpolished.

  • 烧烤酸奶 ( BBQ YOGHURT )


    Unholy wand is already hard to get at 1/300. In addition, making it drop from shatters' forgotten king is overkill.

    Also, sprite need some work too as it is quite plain

  • Lolicons

    @Food Actually the UH wand drops at a rate of 1/3333, just correcting you for comparison purposes. The wiki is wrong. Dropping from the forgotten king at such a rate is overkill though.

  • A Waste of Matter

    Nah , this sprite is some ugly

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Missing info, please read my signature to complete the format.

    The sprite is bad,and please don't use black as base color as it looks bad when the game put the black border on it.

    This is op, i preffer if this does all the debuffs on 1 mob but 6 is too many, the daze doesnt help as you can't secure your damage.

    Needs nerfs.

  • Right-Ho, I'm adjusting the overall stats and will now just use this comment. No ranged AB, got ya.
    @Moeyama Thanks, changed it, added more bleeding and Dazed in its stead, And this is my first post here, usually just a RWT.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Lolicons

    @CoreCancer Please edit your post from now on instead of replying several times in a row.

    Also, you're missing Fame Bonus, and you will need to answer these few questions too.
    Why do you think this item is balanced with the rest of the items in the game?
    How is this item unique in any way compared to other items that can be used in its place?

    Just edit them into your main post.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @CoreCancer if you don't know the rules of making a balanced item yet...

    Ranged Armor Breaking is a no-no here.

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