Ruin Island Idea rejected (By Moloch)

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    I have a fix for it...

    The announcements I mean.

    A command like /dinvite, but (testinvite) /tinvite name, and (testkick) /tkick name for rank 50+. These would make it where the mappers can only invite in a test world, and it would stop all these spams of mappers opening.. The only thing is it would ask the player, You want to accept the testing map invite from (name)? You would have to type /taccept (yes or no)


    Food : /tinvite USA

            USA's VIEW
            You want to accept the testing map invite from Food?

    USA : /taccept yes

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    Moloch rejects all equally.

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    1. I told him not to make maps that killed every player in around 2 seconds. I linked it. Everyone died within 2-5 seconds. We don't want that type of map anywhere.

    Now I personally haven't tested the dungeon but there are things off about this. Try envisioning Food's dungeon as something similar to shatters, if people tried the dungeon for the first time, of course they'd die within 2-5 seconds. In shatters, i'm sure everyone's first instinct would be 'go straight into the middle', which would obviously guarantee death. But eventually people figured the dungeon out and found ways to clear it without too much conflict. That's the same for Food's, you just need to learn and adapt to it, I just think it's highly critical of you to judge it if you yourself haven't even tried it yourself.

    As a matter of fact, it probably made it worse that it was opened to everyone. Dungeons like these require more thought, not a huge group to charge into doing all the wrong things that end up killing you(Which is literally the exact same aspect of the shatters).

    1. I think I speak the opinion of the majority of the community here, it's time for a new dungeon, not a mix-match of mobs on a map. I would release mine, but Turtlebat never gave me the sprites I asked for, then I broke my arm. Food did give me a good idea on how to gets sprites that I will use however. And with my arm almost healed I should be able to finish it.

    I think the majority of the community are willing to have anything as long as it's new content. I personally feel like new mobs would be something to support the surprise element to the dungeon and require people to think more to complete it, but Food's dungeon already has a sufficient amount of that from different mobs placed in areas you'd not usually expect them to be.

    1. "As said above, linking maps that kill people is a waste of time to the community and hinders them progressing. You may say, "But Moloch, he was doing it privately!" I'll tell you: When you see a dream world open, most people nexus to go see it. What Food did was unlink instantly. So, when people got there, nothing was there. RIP Dungeons/Castle. And, he was just opening it to the public on occasion."

    This I agree with. @Food maybe you could limit the number of times you link private maps a day, so that it dousin't become too much a problem. Hopefully nilly adds something convenient like USA's suggestion, but till then try to work it out.

    All in all I think both of you were in the wrong, Moloch dousin't really have the right to call Food's dungeon shit without trying it himself(like actually trying, not just run to the nearest thing that looks cool, die and then be like 'DIS DUNGEON EZ SHIT111!!! /BAN' :3), but he has a point in that Food constantly opening and unlinking dungeons will disturb the player experience in nillys realm. But that can easily be worked out, by reducing the times you do it.

    Just my opinion tho :P

  • @Food That sucks. The map and idea looks fun, all the differant bosses seems unique, I don't understand why he would demote you for wanting to do private testing, that's just bullshit.

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    @TheDivineHero Yeah, you're correct. For your third point, while it may seem rude to do that, we do take every precaution to keep the amount of players disturbed by linking as little as possible.

    @Food Moloch can't actually get people demoted for linking maps where people die right away (which was only caused due to them messing up anyway.) People are only demoted for making "useless" dream worlds with no purpose at all - some examples of a useless dream world are; those which are meant to kill people instantly when they spawn, which cause intentional server lag, chest/cgift worlds and empty maps. That is the only rule which nilly told me to obey when I became a mapper. It's not like your dream world breaks that rule.

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    Thanks for the info ;)

    Dream world is finishing soon, so I guess you will expect less of that from now on.
    Yeah, linking publicly has its ups and downs

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    Am I in time for memes?

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    @Varanus said in Ruin Island Idea rejected (By Moloch):

    Am I in time for memes?

    Same here, I think were a bit late.

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    Ruined Memers rejected (By Moloch)

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    It was a joke..

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