Sword of Balance

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    Name: Sword of Balance
    Description: A sword commissioned by the gods to ensure balance was kept. Thanks to Radarr!
    Stats: +1 to all base stats, +10 hp, +10 mp
    Shots: 1
    Damage: 250-300
    Projectile Speed: 120
    Lifetime: 333
    Range: 4
    Amplitude: 0
    Frequency: 1
    Fame Bonus: 3%
    Why is this item unique and balanced?
    The sword of balance is an all around average sword with its range and damage being its strong suit. It would drop from the Janus keys (Key of light and the other one) in a white bag at a rate of 1/600. It is unique in the fact that it gives +1 to all base stats, also +10 hp and mp. Its not much but paired with some melee classes it can be very helpful!
    Notes: I could make a set out of this, but I want to start with the sword to see what people think.

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    Sprite made me want to die.
    Overall could work but shading could be made "better

  • uhm so basicly a scammy.

  • @Noah_ It could be better, im new to this so... bear with me.

  • Wiki Editor

    Look at the wiki page NR has to help you out on balancing equipment.

    Right now, this sword is "unbalanced", ironic, right?
    It has [slightly more] DPS as a Z-Saber, but the range of an ASS with other bonus stats. (ATK/DEX can be worked into the weapon).
    Amplitude 0/Frequency 1 is the same thing as a straight shot. .-.
    Use https://pfiffel.com/dps/ to help you out. This is far too unbalanced.

  • Famous Forumers

    @Radar So this is basically an overpowered as fuck sword? Okay.

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