Baneserpent or Unholy?

  • Which poison is better for the cost? Baneserpent is about 250 and unholy is about 500, and the damage is only a 50 hp difference. While there is a .5 second difference. I would think unholy is better but most things die pretty fast.

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    @Atops There is a phrase out there that states: "Patience is the key to success.". Look what we have here: the repetition of the phrase.

    Baneserpent's for the more impatient peeps, and in exchange of a slightly quicker poison comes at the fall of overall DPS.

    I, myself, like to take my time so I use Unholy Poison. This is the more "patient" poison, meaning if that if you can handle the extra 0.5 seconds (which really isn't much of anything), it's a much better item.

    There was once a feud about these two poisons being the completely same thing other than a 0.5 second wait for 50 more DMG. Rlly tho... they're not COMPLETELY the same. It's either: patience or impatience.

    Your choice my friend.

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    @Atops Use plague

  • @Creeper lol I like that monk creeper. Yeah, I was thinking Unholy was the better choice, and when you put it that way of it only being an extra 0.5 seconds. It's really not that much...

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    @Atops Yea. It's really the better choice. ;p

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