Buff the UH bow

  • as it is now it is far worse than the cbow and the tiered bows because of its short range and i suggest it is changed all together.

    Unholy Bow
    A powerful bow used by the un-dead archers, used to kill legions of their enemies in one fell shot.

    Range: 6
    Damage: 20-25
    arc gap: 6
    RoF: 100%

    This version will make this bow a viable option and runs with the completely op theme for the uh items.

    Thoughts, comments, criticisms?

  • nope. its upgraded cbow but at cost of range (i even wanted to carry cbow for godwalls and so because uh bow is dagger range but hits a bit more than cbow)

  • Trading Moderators

    UH bow needs a buff? I doubt it, since I prefer UH bow over cbow.

    The DPS is virtually the same below 19 def, and it slowly increases above that amount. It may have only 5.9 range, but who cares? Does anyone actually hit both shots with cbow nearing the end of it's range? No. In fact, the true range for cbow is 5.72 squares. Any distance above that halves the effectiveness, and honestly if you only want to hit one attack just use a dbow.

  • Wiki Editor

    This revision really changes the purpose of the bow in general.

    1. This only makes the DPS good on low DEF enemies. Higher def... naw, it'd be falling at the same rate the people are dying by ebola.
    2. This bow was only for semi-higher DEF mobs.

    Wizard said it all anyhows xdddd.

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