Got any NR tips?

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    I know everybody has at least one or two tips they use daily when they play on Nilly's Realm, and I do too! It got me thinking, if everybody has their own method for doing something, then how many methods are out there?

    I'll share just a few of my tips, and would love to see yours too! Most of these to me are common sense, but I hope they'll help out you guys.

    • 1 Every time you start up the Flash Projector, make sure to not forget to change your quality to the lowest setting. Barely changes the visuals, and nearly doubles the speed of the client, and insures fast weapons to hit more often if you were experiencing lag that caused them to go past enemies.

    • 2 If not playing a rogue, make sure to have a ghost rum on hand. Whether you buy it, or get it as a drop: They can be life savers.

    • 3 If playing as a priest, try to get mana powders because they value higher than mana and health potions combined, potentially saving your life and the life of those around you. (Applies to paladin and necromancer too!)

    • 4 DO NOT play on a character that is under level 15 with anything worth above 200 fame. It is just generally not smart unless you know for a fact you won't die. Remember: Medusas have Tech. X

    • 5 For most bosses with circle phases, it's actually best to not circle and stand still with slight movements to avoid the occasional shot. This reduces the chance of walking into a shot cycle, and ensures you constant hits.

    • 6 When looking in the market to buy UTs, try to think with your fame a little and choose a nice cheap option if you can just barely afford something more expensive. Try to have a good understanding of weapons before you buy them and frequently check the wiki for advice.

    • 7 If you're having trouble farming sprite world for dex [Some people, Including I, find it very hard and unpredictable especially on squishy classes] try making a warrior or a knight for the specific use of doing sprite worlds. Invest very little into them other than defense.

    • 8 Mystic's berserk ability with her orb is extremely useful if you use it correctly. Try testing out the range and find the sweetspot to cause curse, berserk, and no stasis. Mystic also has a VERY cheap UT orb.

    • 9 If playing Wizard, do not be afraid to use the hellfire robe. Despite the ATT reduction on the spell, your staff is a more reliable source of constant damage. It isn't a bad idea to use it, and if you use your staff commonly, I'd definately advise it.

    • 10 Going into UDLs and farming for Dbows is a WONDERFUL way to get fame. due to its high market price, not so rare drop rate, and relatively easy dungeon for 2/8 players with a basic understanding of it, you can farm this dungeon for a high demand bow that could snag you thousands of fame. Even if you get the other white, Infected armor, it's still better than nothing and can grab you some quick fame, or help you equip your archer/huntress if you don't have enough fame to afford either the bow or the armor.

    Well, those are just 10 of my tips. If you know these but use something else, or you have any other tips, feel free to post them down below.

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    Don't do public shatts cuz people drag.

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    • 2 If not playing a rogue, make sure to have a ghost rum on hand. Whether you buy it, or get it as a drop: They can be life savers.

    Turn on your hardware acceleration.
    One does not simply keep it.

  • 1: Do not buy fairly OP but expensive stuff. Even T11 weapons and T12 armor is a decent choice if you're trying to get fame. Secure your base fame before buying rare and non-cheap items (UT robes, high tiered items, op rings, etc.)

    2: Make a wizard with cheap items and farm pots in godlands for a while. Put the pots on your other characters until they are maxed. Then you can start farming for your wizard in godlands until those 3 stats are maxed so you can start getting rarer pots for your other characters and when they are all maxed, you can max your wizard


    You can max your wizard 6/8+ and farm pots for your characters. This makes it easier to farm.

    If looking for a good class to start with, wizard is good.

  • Never risk your character in a Mystic-less Asylum.

    Fucking Asylum Guards i swear.


    disagree with 9 and 10. hellfire is EXPENSIVE, and in general-use a worse option than heaven monk's and shendyt. Dbow farming is less efficient than sprite world farming, due to the high market price of DEX, and the shorter time required to kill Limon.

    Also @Paracosm , you certainly do not need a mystic to survive asylum guards, if you time your rush through the entrance well (I'm assuming this is what you're talking about)

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    9: I was more trying to say that you shouldn't be afraid to use it. It's still an amazing robe and fits on wizard nicely for those who don't use their spell as their main source of damage. There are definately better options, but hellfire ISN'T a bad one. I do agree it is expensive. I still hold with it due to my heavily reliance on the staff for reliable high damage.

    10: Despite wis being sold less than dex, I still stick with UDL farming due to the price of the whites, rather than the nearly-worthless whites of the Sprite World. I think classes like Rogues, assassins, and Mystics/Necros are better in UDLs and that Limon's unpredictability combined with lag can lead to near-instant deaths. I think whichever one you farm is dependent on the class if you're 0-2/8. Plus UDL is great for gearing up your archer rather than selling the dex you get and then buying a dbow, as there is a decent chance you'll get one farming and then also have some wis off to the side for money to upgrade your other items. Not to mention if you have low speed AND low defense, getting past some of the sprite gods can really hurt you, especially if you're a priest or another class who relies on their ability and you get quieted.

    Glad to see you're disagreeing and not heavily relying on somebody elses ways of doing things. Just goes to show how everybody has their own tricks and tips.

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    If you have a spare character slot, level up to lvl 10 with mid-tier gear and hop on from realm to realm hunting oasis giants. On the Northern and Southern portions of the map, there are deserts, which have Oasis Giants in them(Appears as quest, should be 1-4 per realm) so if you want to farm up on pristine (Or get some ez fame) just do that.
    I prefer warr, or trix, maybe even knight too.
    It gave me this d00d:
    0_1473719228283_Pristine shitguy.PNG
    I have yet to test this out with the Wand of the Phoenix, so the next time I get a char slot, I'll try, don't worry.

  • @Pringle umm bb the dbow is 1:200 ;) i dont know the infected DR tho

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    @ergona2-0 0_1473719735859_DR for Infected.PNG
    Also, how can you calculate what the chance is when given a decimal of it?

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    @Pyroflame said in Got any NR tips?:

    @ergona2-0 0_1473719735859_DR for Infected.PNG
    Also, how can you calculate what the chance is when given a decimal of it?

    Decimal x 100

    So that would have a drop chance of 1.5%

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    @Dip fun fact: I'm a dumbass.
    Thanks, sir.

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    @Pyroflame said in Got any NR tips?:

    @Dip fun fact: I'm a dumbass.
    Thanks, sir.

    it's ok, most people on this site are.

    You're just honest C:


    Expected value calculation time

    Sprite, disregarding 2 DEX, DEX + DEF, 2 DEX + DEF drops:
    1 DEX = 45 fame / dungeon
    0.05 PACMAN KEY = 100/20 = 5 fame / dungeon
    0.015 STAFF OF EXTREME PREJUDICE = 50/66.66 = ~1 fame / dungeon
    0.015 CLOAK OF THE PLANEWALKER = 80/66.66 = ~1 fame / dungeon
    Total = 52 fame / dungeon
    1 WIS = 25 fame / dungeon
    0.005 DOOM BOW = 3000/200 = 15 fame / dungeon
    0.015 INFECTED ARMOR = 400/66.66 = ~6 fame / dungeon
    Total = 46 fame / dungeon

    Even disregarding some drops from the Sprite World (double or even triple pots are quite nifty), it is still mathematically better per dungeon compared to the Undead Lair. Coupled with the much faster speed, more common drop rate, and lower danger present in the Sprite World, it is the clear choice if simply farming for fame, as it will give you the most over time.

    Although in certain stretches you may be lucky in the Undead Lair and receive Doom Bow faster than expected, due to the Law of Large Numbers, it will theoretically balance itself out as # dungeons completed heads towards infinity, rendering the benefit null.

    tl;dr: Sprite world farming is quantitatively more efficient than undead lair farming. If you really need a Doom Bow though, go ahead and farm UDLs xD

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    My number one tip is to stay attacking Looteyes for a set amount of time, don't leave when you see them attacking as you might be lagging, experiencing an instant death.

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    @idkwhatthi Chance is chance. Keep in mind, Sprite World is much deadlier on certain characters also, unlike the more predictable UDL.

    I'm not saying what your saying is a useless way of making fame, I'm saying UDL is a very good spot to get fame too. I didn't suggest sprite world because everybody already knows about it. Sprite world is good too. The main reason is UDL is much easier for experienced players, and plus pot prices vary oftenly along with whites, so its not really possible to get an accurate estimate of which one is actually more profitable. If you're a bow using class, or are prone to lag issues then I suggest doing UDL. If you're already rich and you can take a full lag shotgun from Limon (or you have little to no lag at all) then go ahead and do your Sprite Worlds.

    In the end, I think judging which one is more efficient is pretty irrelevant as its based on luck and lag. Both of which are entirely unpredictable. Just do the one you need the items/pots from the most, or find the easiest.

    Also ninja is super good at rushing UDL, and UDL's dungeon layout is very predictable, as theres like only two varients.

    TL;DR They're both really good spots for farming. Do the one that fits your character and play style the most. Sprite world is a definate for Meele characters that use swords for sure.

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    • Don't be fucking cancer in chat. You will automatically be kicked from your guild and life.
    • Play a ranged class to start out. If you start as a knight, you'll be as salty as the ocean blue.
    • Don't pay for fame. Unless you are really devoted, don't buy fame. It's just a waste.
    • Use nexus hotkey or /sa. Much better than /nexus.


    I think we can agree on this much:
    Classes that should farm Sprites:
    Rogue (Planewalker)

    Classes that should farm UDLs:
    Rogue (no Planewalker)

    I disagree about sprite being more dangerous in any way than the UDL, however, Septavius's lag pop is much more dangerous than Limon's.

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    @idkwhatthi I agree with you on the classes. Robed classes can also farm UDL in between as well, but they are definately better for sprite. I disagree on the deadliness due to the sheer speed of Limoz with unpredictable movement patterns coupled with both server and client lag. I think UDL is way easier than NR's sprite world, but thats just me. I've been farming it for a very long time so I guess it's just grown easy on me. Limoz is quicker to kill but Limon can limit your walking range and shoot quick shots directly at you, unlike Septavius's indirect shot patterns. I guess just fight the boss you have more experience in.

    This dungeon comparison is starting to sound like we're trying to find the bigger stick, when in reality they're both extremely profitable and easy.

    In the end, they are good farming spots, nonetheless.

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    @Pringle Would a 4/8 (atk def spd dex) ninja with doku and tops do the job well for UDL's? I think it does.

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    @Pyroflame Yeah, I used a 4/8 ninja to mass-farm dbows back when I had him.


    @Pringle i actually don't find limon unpredictable... his lag lunges are nowhere near as bad as septavius's 1200 damage shotgun of death

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    @idkwhatthi Then again, septavius is much much slower, so even if he lags you're likely going to be good if you walk away.

    But to each their own I guess.

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