Ally's Market Guide (Updated 6-7-2017)

  • This list includes the basic mercher items i know it doesnt include all but this is what i get rich by buying and reselling
    If you notice items not on the list that should comment below that im missing it and il add please comment serious suggestions of items i should have the merching prices of thanks
    Tip: use /marketall command for items u have 3 or more of

    Potion of defense buy for 20 or less sell for 25
    Potion of attack buy for 10 or less sell for 14
    Potion of dexterity buy for 30 or less sell for 40
    Potion of vitality buy for 20 or less sell for 29
    Potion of wisdom buy for 18 or less sell for 25
    Potion of speed buy for 8 or less sell for 12
    Potion of mana buy for 90 or less sell for 110
    Potion of life buy for 65 or less sell for 75

    Basic pots i know you don't earn much but they add up
    Now for commonly sold UTs

    Reactor buy for 600 or less sell for 750
    Cap ring buy for 1k or less sell for 1.2k
    Seal of creed buy for 1.25k or less sell for 1.5k
    Ring of gyges buy for 1.25k or less sell for 1.5k
    Coral bow buy for 1.2k or less sell for 1.4k
    Unholy staff buy for 2.6k or less sell for 2.9k
    Pixie sword buy for 1.5k or less sell for 1.7k
    Cronus buy for 1k or less sell for 1.2k
    Bent dagger buy for 2.3k or less sell for 2.6k
    Bloodbath buy for 700 or less sell for 850
    Jugg buy for 600 or less sell for 750
    Ornias buy for 1.4k or less sell for 1.6k
    Unholy spell buy for 3k or less sell for 3.5k
    Great climbing staff buy for 1k or less sell for 1.4k
    Conflict buy for 500 or less sell for 650
    Vestment of hidden buy for 800 or less sell for 1k
    Shendyt buy for 800 or less sell for 950
    Cap armor buy for 1.4k or less sell for 1.6k
    Dbow buy for 2.6k or less sell for 2.9k
    Ogmur buy for 1.6k or less sell for 1.9k
    Cloak of asylum buy for 30 or lower sell for 60
    Tome of holy Protection buy for 175 or less sell for 250
    Vestment of the hidden buy for 800 or less sell for 1100
    Qot buy for 3k or less sell for 4k
    Oa Key Buy for 2.6k sell for 2.9k
    Jeebs buy for 400 or less sell for 500
    Sorry if i missed some items im not perfect

    Now for the big kid items these are worth a bit and might take a while to sell but if you can afford it might be worth merching these
    Bracer buy for 8k or less sell for 9.5k
    Gemstone buy for 5k or less sell for 6.5k
    Crown buy for 25k or less sell for 30k
    Cap sword Buy for 8k or less sell for 9k
    ST spell buy for 9k or less sell for 12k
    Esben robe buy for 5k or less sell for 6.5k
    Robe Of Storms buy for 9k or less sell for 11k
    Card armor buy for 2.k or less sell for 2.9k
    Pristine buy for 6k or less sell for 7k
    Plague buy for 4k or less sell for 4.7k
    Sanic helm buy for 15k sell for 18k
    Hellfire buy for 3.5k or less sell for 3.8k

    Thanks for reading -Ally <3
    (ps upvote if this helped <3)

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    no, rlly tho, not bad of a guide. will lend a +1 for ya ;p

  • If i am missing items that are known and are sold often in the market comment the items below. please dont spam only comment when u have 4 or more items i am missing or its really obvious and im just stupid and missing it such as a jugg or something

    Thanks - Ally :3

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    Okay... I apologize for my other comment above, but gonna help add a bit:

    Tomes of Holy Protection have been really wavy, depending on if there are streams of tombs or naw.

    • If tombs, 50-100 (cheap right?)
    • If no tombs, then 200-400 (been profiting around 200 and doing it repetitively)

    War Hammer's a wavy one too, ranging from 1100-1600. Dunno on how much I really profit from them, so look out for it.

    Battle Axe's a debatable one, just bought one for 350 and out the door for 375. (don't put this one on as it's slow or fast here an' there, so it may end up being a waste)

    Pizza Sword is stable but some people just like to place it up for 300.... jesus.

    Asylum cloak's a small one but yeah sure the amount over time can be incredible. 50's can be seen and <100 are very common.

    Ok, I'm done. My marketing skills are bad. Please don't add what I say. I'm just saying these :c.

  • gj, now you just ruined the market. everyone who sees this will use it and nooone will sell for less. Proud of you <3

  • defense sells for 25 at best (usually 19-23)
    attack yeah its possible to merch for 1-3 fame each pot so thats something i guess.
    dexes stabilised at 30-35 now but still possible to merch them a bit.
    vits i have no idea i see for 20 all the time so idk maybe possible.
    wis pots sometime can go for 10-15 but usually 20-24 never saw for 30.
    speeds same as attack 6-12 fame range makes them easy to merch.
    mana/life i think these 2 are best to merch atm.

    coral bow rarely gets to 1.5k usually its around 1.7
    pixie idk do players buy them for 1.7? i usually wait untill i see for 1.5
    i dont think players buy conflict orbs due to lack of mystics i see but idk.
    doombows rarely drop below 2k but still possible to sell for nearly 2.5 somedays.
    warhammer goes for 1.3 at max from what i saw.

    do players actually buy shatter whites/spell for high end price or others just underprice them? sanic can go for 20-25k btw just wait untill cheap ones are gone.


    I only merch pots so I'll only talk about those.

    BUY DEF for 15, it isn't hard... SELL for 30-35, depending on how long you're willing to wait for it to flip.

    BUY ATT for 8-10, idk where you get them for 6... SELL for 15

    BUY DEX for 25, SELL for 45

    BUY VIT for 18, SELL for 30

    BUY WIS for 15, SELL for 25

    BUY SPD for 6, SELL for 12

    BUY MANA for 80, SELL for 120

    BUY LIFE for 50, SELL for 70

  • @idkwhatthi i think mana for 120 is too high it never reaches that high but the other potions make sense thanks for feedback

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    Cap armor sells for 2k I merch it 600 profit each time


    @Ally mana sells 120 easily

  • @idkwhatthi in this whole week and last week i haven't seen mana price past 100


    @Ally saw mana at 130 3 days ago

  • @idkwhatthi but i didnt see it tho and when i put mana for 100 it takes a while to sell so 120 would take even longer


    @Ally actually if someone is buying mana at or above 100 they really don't care what the actual price is

  • Bumperino so everyone who hasnt seen this can still get rich :3

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    but you're spreading the wealth! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!

  • @Crafterofgenius sorry pls dont arrest me

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    Why don't you just actually play the game?

  • @Pyroflame because im a dumb bitch that cant last 20 mins without dying

  • Cloud 9

    @Ally Yeah, sounds accurate.

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    Great guide, but you just made merching harder for yourself.

  • @Kiel i like helping people :3

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    Btw, there are times when mana can get sold for up to 250~ish. I saw the last mana pot being 1000. I think it's 900 now.

  • @Kiel ... its 80 right now

  • Lovecraft

    @Kiel how high are u 900 is insane

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