Did i get fame if someone buy my offer on marketplace?

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    I get fame like i sell a reskined for 30 fame or above And someone sold my offer buy my offer i get fame?

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    Speak english please.

  • @EisaGaming yes you do the marketplace is player run you put an offer up the marketplace will hold that item and if it sells you get the amount you put for

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    "Will I get fame if I sell a reskined item for 30 fame, and somebody buys it, will I get the fame that I set it for?"

    Yes. As Ergona said, it is a simple player run market and you get the fame you want for your item IF somebody is willing to pay that for it.

    The market works completely like any other player ran market.

    This is how I use the market to ensure I'm getting a good deal and also making sure I don't overpay in an attempt to make profit of the item.

    Common's Price - Player's Value = Buyer's Value
    Ex: 32 - 26 = 6P P = profit. In this case, buyer plans on making 6 profit off of an item.
    1 bought item from said buyer.
    If buyer sees value in making 6 profit, he will buy your item.

    Common price of the item.
    Players choice price of the item.
    Buyer's spending capabilities for that item, taking in consideration of the Item's value.

    In these examples, the prices aren't completely accurate.


    C. Price: 25 fame def potion.
    P. Price: 26 fame price
    B: Spend: Buyer willing to pay up to 28 fame per potion.

    Your potion will be bought by that kind of person.

    C. Price: 2900 fame Doom Bow.
    P. Price: 3100 fame price
    B: Spend: Buyer is willing to pay up to 2900 for 1 bow.

    Your Doom Bow will not be bought by that kind of person.

    Try to not pay over 10% more for an item's common price if above 1000 fame. Avoid anything 20% higher.
    Vise versa for making profit.

    1000 = 900 - 1,100

    10,000 = 9,000 - 11,000

    800 - 1,200
    8,000 - 12,000

    This is just what I do.
    The problem with this way of doing it is you don't know what the buyers range is, so if you're selling a good idea is to stay slightly less than the common price to ensure your item will be bought.

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    Note that the fame will go toward your total account fame (located at the top right of the screen), and not that character's fame.

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