Buying Fame! 1k -> 1$ In Csgo Skins Or Paypal

  • 1k -> 1$

    Looking to buy in bulk since i can not be online much since ill be busy this weekend and ill only be able to use my precious data to get on the server. Thanks for understanding :D. Looking for around 10-15k every purchase.

    Ill only use paypal or csgo items 1$ - 1k fame

    Ill also be accepting items that are worth a substantial amount of around 5-10k, will allow less cost per item if the total of them is around 10k or more.

    Some Vouches. Ask anyone on this list if you'd like, they'll tell ya im legit :D
    Rooben - I bought 5k with paypal
    Symboll - They Bought 6.5k with Skins
    SheepGming - They Bought 7.5k with Skins
    Dreamy - They Bought 27k Fame with 27$
    Brock - They Bought 15k Fame with 15$
    Aldi - They Bought 4$ in Skins in mixed fame!
    Dreamy ~ Bought 7000 Fame for 7$ Paypal
    MageSpartn~ Bought 1000 Fame for 1$ Paypal
    Thinlips ~ Bought 5000 Fame for 4.55$ Paypal

    Thanks for reading. PM me please :D

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