How to spend fame efficiently?

  • There probably have been numerous posts about people asking on how to get rich and I'm not bad at getting fame but I would like to know how to use it efficiently (When to buy pots (if you should buy pots at all,) what items to sell and keep, etc.) I'm not very good when it comes to spending fame so I'd like some tips on sparing and using my fame properly.

    For example:
    I got 2 rabbit's feet in 2 Jeebs. Guess what I did;
    I used them both and died with about 50 fame each char instead of selling it for 10k.

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    After dying buy t11 ish items until maxed def and speed, don't buy pots unless u have over 2k fame left after 2/8 buy better and more expensive equips for char

  • @rapidfireqisgawd I shud prob try that

  • Imo, if your fame is <10k fame, you should sell all expensive UTs you find.
    When you die, or want to feed your character while having 10k+ fame, you should only spend 20% of it, if you wish to save fame.
    If i were you, i would rebuild by lvl'ing to 20 and then buy & drink 10-15 pots for each stat (excluding life and mana) and finish maxing by running dungeons.
    Unless you feel very confident in yourself and think that you can last very long without dying, try not to buy overly expensive items (such as cap sword). They may look like a sweet overpowered addition for your character, but you should stop yourself for a moment and look at your fame, before deciding whether to buy it or not.

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    1.Max a Wizard

    1. Farm Glands/ events with spell
    2. Sell at marketplace
    3. $$$

  • @BlameTheLag I said how to use the fame properly

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    @GiraRay yeah what he means is use the fame to crete a fairly good wizzy that has a couple of maxed stats, but dont spend too much fame on it in case you die tragically, and then just go back to the glands and farm ur fame back, which doesnt take long on a good wizzy.

    My advice is always keep half of the fame you have, no matter how much it is, because youll always want a bit of back up fame to help you along

  • @LagoonZz What if it's only 3 fame?

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    @GiraRay if youve only got 3 fame, wait for a cap sword to be put up for 2 fame and then sell it for 5 fame.
    Youll end up with 6 fame, so you're just doubled your fame total.
    You're welcome

  • Tips n Tricks:

    • Make NPE-s to save fame
    • Sell expensive UTs
    • Buy low sell high in market
    • Buy old tops over tops instead
    • Spend fame on vaults and char slots instead
    • Don't spend too much fame on chars

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    You can never predict when you will die, but if your characters have the tendency to die within a week, rabbits foot (or any other fairly expensive item for that matter) won't be worth it.


    to better fame farm just buy eguip like:
    t10-t11(Max price is 25)t4-t5(max price is 45),t10-t11 armor(max pirce is free?xd),any t4 ring
    After u got ton of fame make another char max it and eguip!
    PROFIT!(if ur arms from anus no xd)

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