Thirsty fame bonus

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    So I have a question concerning the thisrsty bonus. In my understanding you lose it if you drink any potion from your inv. Now the problem is famedump says that I still have it even if I drink stat pots from my inv and if I drink hp/mp pots from the ground I lose it.
    Does the bonus work different than in prod because it doesn't mathces the description on realmeye.

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    It's not the same as in prod indeed. I'm not sure which consumables make you lose it or not, but the things regarding stat pots and hp/mp pots are true; stat pots don't make you lose it, hp/mp pots do.

  • What??? Does the server sometimes refuse to set values related to fame bonuses?
    I have a similar problem, I can't get the Tunnel Rat bonus because the game doesn't acknowledge finishing abysses, while you can't lose Thirsty because the game doesn't acknowledge that you've drunk a potion. This needs to be fixed :'''''''''''(

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    @Warp The server doesn't 'refuse' a thing; the changes to the thirsty bonus were made on purpose.
    As to the tunnel rat thing; the game only counts a dungeon as 'done' when you leave it through the realm portal at the end.

  • @hurrrdurrr I can understand the thirsty change, but I was unable to get tunnel rat on my trix because it never counted entering the realm portal that appears from malphas :( maybe that bug has been fixed

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    @Warp I'm sure it might be bugged sometimes. It could've also just been the case that the realm was full and you didn't actually load in, or something like that.

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