Boshy Lore

  • Boshy?... The one who defeated the mighty Sol Gryn with his gun?.... Yep that's him. After Boshy destroyed Sol Gryn he saw a portal and he accidently fell in it, there he found himself on a beach. Boshy finally figured out that he was in a game called ''Nillys Realm''..... When he got up he noticed a character was next to him, Boshy could not destroy the living human because it was immortal but it was not just any human it was the owner of the server, ''Nilly''. Boshy told Nilly what was going on.... Nilly wanted Boshy to stay in this game to make a challenge for the great heros of this realm. Boshy told Nilly that he wanted to go back into his game but Nilly refused. The only way Nilly would let Boshy go is if he was to kill the Great adventurers that wander in the realm...... Boshy accepted the deal. The only way Boshy could fight the Great adventurers is if he showed himself, Boshy would say ''ITS BOSHY TIME!!!'' to attract attention to the players of Nillys realm. One of the Adventurers found Boshy and screamed out ''BOSHY TELEPORT TO ME'' A lot of more people started coming to attack him. Boshy retaliated with his deadly gun and killed some of the great adventurers because they underestimated Boshys power..... Soon more people chimed in on the fight against Boshy. Boshy was then defeated and nobody acquired his special gun. Most people got powerful weapons, armor, and rings from this amazing creature.... Boshy respawned next to Nilly, Nilly told Boshy that he was not going back to his game because he failed the task. Boshy did not care because he actually enjoyed killing humans, Boshy explained on how he defeated Sol Gryn and killing humans would be a piece of cake. So then Boshy stayed in Nillys Realm lurking in the realm waiting patiently for his next surprise attack on the Great adventurers of Nillys Realm.

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    this should be added do bgun description

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    Its just from a game.

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    boshy is my daddy

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    Bill Cipher logic here m8.

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