UT Xion Charge (ninja star)


    First of all, this is a pretty tricky xml code right here so i was kinda iffy on the amplitude and frequency. Note: this was made in Notepad++ solely. So calculations may be a bit off. XML code included because this is nothing with it.

    Instead of shooting a normal star. This will buff you and create an orb, orbiting you, it will blow up after 4 seconds and deal 350-475 damage
    0_1474336153807_xion charge.png

    (Damage is the orbs damage, the star directly does no damage)
    Name: Xion Charge
    Description: Technology is overcoming magic these days, I swear.
    Tier: UT
    -Shots 1
    -Mp Cost 130
    -Cool down 3.5
    -Damage 350-475
    -Projectile Speed 1.125
    -Lifetime 4
    -Range 4.5
    -Amplitude (hmm...)
    -Frequency (hmm...)
    Stat Bonuses:
    3 Def
    3 Dex
    -Healing: 2.6 Seconds (wis mod)
    -Armored: .5 Seconds (wis mod)
    Fame Bonus: 4%
    Drop Location & Chance: I'm thinking Dr.Terrible. I don't really know (0.5%) [0.005]
    Sprite: 0_1474336090026_xion charge_8x8.png
    Why is this item unique and balanced?
    It's a Ninja star mainly used for buffing
    And it summons an orb which orbits you.

    <Object type="0x47f6" id="Xion Charge">
    <Description>Technology is overcoming magic these days, I swear. ~Odaru</Description>
    <EffectInfo name="" description="An orb of power that grants empowerment, orbits the player and explodes. Deals 350-475 damage."/>
    <ActivateOnEquip stat="21" amount="3">IncrementStat</ActivateOnEquip>
    <ActivateOnEquip stat="28" amount="3">IncrementStat</ActivateOnEquip>
    <Activate objectId="Xion Charge Bomb">Pet</Activate>
    <Activate stat="27" amount="6" duration="4" range="4.5" noStack="true" useWisMod="true">StatBoostAura</Activate>
    <Activate effect="Healing" duration="2.6" useWisMod="true">ConditionEffectSelf</Activate>
    <Activate effect="Armored" duration=".5" range="3.5" useWisMod="true">ConditionEffectAura</Activate>
    <DisplayId>Xion Charge</DisplayId>
    <Object type="0x47f7" id="Xion Charge Bomb">
    <Animation prob="1" period="0.4">
    <Frame time="0.2">
    <Sound id="0">spell/magic_nova</Sound>
    <DisplayId>Xion Charge Bomb</DisplayId>

    The orb sprite is simply a attack gumball (purple).

    The XML includes the orb/bomb the star will spawn. And if you can read XML it should all make sense.!


    Don't h8, appreci8.

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    I think i saw a ninja item like this in a private server. I was amazed when i saw it(but the one i saw didn't had buffs and just chased the closest enemy).

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    @Stiffler Please change it to Zion Charge for matrix reference. Looks awesome. However, Dr. Terrible doesn't need any more drops. You could make it drop from the Mad Lab Tables, though.

  • divide drop rate by five and slap that on the pent
    pent needs more drops


    @Pyrouge what does need more drops: HORRIFIC CREATION

    he has literally no special whites and no one ever does him because conducting is shite

  • @idkwhatthi Just like the crown - the yellow one. Its only real value is a collector's item.

  • A Waste of Matter

    I saw this ninja star in other pserver
    Dont steal ideas
    Please , Mole


    @QuestMax yea well crown is a purposeful vanity... conducting is in that weird spot between vanity and sidegrade, which means no one ever wants it :)

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