The Cosmic Warden

  • Hello, forums! I am a new NR player :D
    Anyways, I decided to make a set for Wizard, which is totally the best class m8!

    Vortex Gauntlet
    When I put the gauntlet close to my ear, I can hear faint whisperings of otherworldly voices of an unknown dialect.
    0_1474603218404_get-2.png 1_1474603218404_Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 8.55.37 PM.png
    Projectile: 0_1474429989199_Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 8.52.53 PM.png
    THX to @Pringle for reversing/shaders m8 u did w3ll

    Damage: 90-150
    1 Shot
    Amplitude & Freq.:0
    120% Rof
    116 Speed
    690 Lifetime
    So 8 Range

    +5 Wis (from the otherwordly whisperings)
    +5 Vit (Because it has cosmic healing properties)
    -5 Spd (because its really heavy)
    -5 Dex (because its really heavy)

    0_1474429861763_Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 8.50.37 PM.png
    The Yuletide is the T14
    The CWhole is the UH
    The CSerpent is Vort. (mine)
    Ignore the most bottom CSerpent lol

    Drop rate: 0.01%
    From The Twilight Archmage

    Y dis is balanced: It is pretty inferior with damage compared to the other staffs, but it has increased rof and does more damage to enemies with higher def. Because wizard already has high dex, -5 shouldn't be a problem. Unholy staff is much better, however, but this staff has a much higher range than UH.

    Cosmic Storm
    While flipping through this strange book, I am suddenly overwhelmed with pain
    0_1474430473260_get.png 1_1474430473261_Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 8.37.35 PM.png
    Same proj. as staff.

    Damage: 60-70
    Shots: 15
    Max DMG: 900-1050
    MP Cost: 45
    CD: 0 seconds (originally 1 sec as suggested by @potman)
    Range: 16
    Lifetime/amplitude/all that stuff: same as the tiered spells

    -5 VIT
    -5 DEX
    +7 SPD
    +45 MAX MP

    Drop rate: 0.001%
    From Ava

    Y dis is balanced: Originally, this was basically the t7 spell. However, I noticed that wizards suck ass at rushing, so I made this spell to aid wizzy rushes. Paralyzed makes monsters unable to move. It doesnt do much damage, because its just for rushing stuff. An mp boost allows a wizzy to use the spell once more. Keep in mind that this spell does even less damage that a t3 one, but puts paralyze and gives 7 spd and 45 mp.

    Celestial Regalia
    Formed when the end and the beginning met.
    0_1474505033774_get copy.png 1_1474505033775_Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 5.43.27 PM.png
    +10 DEF
    +9 VIT
    +9 WIS
    +8 ATT
    +70 MP
    +5 HP (lol)

    Drops rate: 0.0005%
    From: Blue Flaming Skull (cuz doesnt have any drops but the red 1 does)

    DEsxc of y: Less def than almost any robe, but gives a crap ton of boosts. very regenerative and offensive (att-wise). The vit is pretty shit cuz spell now gives -5 vit. :( It gives a large amount of mana and (maybe ill remove this) 5 hp. which is bad. yeah. umm. ye.

    Rune of the Cosmos
    0_1474503785458_get-1.png 1_1474503785460_Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 5.19.18 PM.png
    +65 HP
    +65 MP
    +8 WIS
    +8 VIT
    +6 DEF
    -8 DEX
    -5 SPD

    drop r8 (8/8 pls): 0.01%
    from: Mysterious Crystal (not prisoner)

    The hp/mp is a hybrid of chaos/mayhem, at half of 130. Very defensive and regenerative, but your nimbleness has been whittled.

    All items have: fame +5%
    69 feed power, or make it 0 to keep thngs simp.

    Pls h8 lel jk

    plox give more fdbk m8s. I buffed some things, working on a different ring sprite cuz the current 1 sucks all the ass. XD

    EDIT: shaded the staff moar. resprited the ring. Re statt-ed the armor/ring. pls r8 m8. Sorry gais the robe had a little purple pixl on the sleeve so i reuploade it.

    Thanks for the 10 upvotes :D
    Thanks for all the supports you guys have given me even tho nobody would actually use this set if it was implemented. Keep in mind that I'm not done yet, so pls be patient :D

  • Lovecraft

    Upvoted it

  • Banned

    me too :333

  • 27

    The only thing wrong with it atm is that I hate people putting 'thanks to ........' in the description of all of the items - it ruins the items, and nobody really cares who made it (you can still be happy with the fact that your items have made it into the game, you don't have to ruin your description by putting things that arent relevant to it).

    Just my opinion, but I think it ruins all of the descriptions when people thank themselves


    looks god

  • I agree with lagoon, if u want to add ur name, put it on the ring description as do the other custom sets of NR

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Nirlar said in Cosmic Guy (need name) set:

    Pls h8

    Why hate when you can give contructive criticism?
    I love the staff, but I'm not a fan of the fact its a gauntlet as a staff. :c
    Stats are good, but you didn't apply them in your DPS graph. put the -5 dex in there so we can see how it really is. Who knows? it might need a buff.

    On to the spell: Again, I love it, but I don't like the fact it looks like a book (though the shape justifies it a little)
    I recommend making the cooldown a full second, since normal spells have no cooldown (I believe)

    Robe: Nice sprite, but the stats suck. Comparing it to shendyt, it has -2 def, -2 vit, -2 wis -5 hp -5 mp. It is literally just a downgrade in every aspect. Also, make it drop from ice adepts to match the colour :)

    Ring: Eh. Don't really like the sprite, and the stats are very bad. Lets compare it to the gauntlets that drop from the stone guardians:
    Gauntlet of mayhem:
    +130 hp, +6 def, +6 vit. And all for only the cost of -6 dex
    Gauntlet of Chaos, the lesser used brother of mayhem:
    +130 mp, +6 def, +6 wis. Again, just the cost of -6 dex.

    Overall, you did great, but one thing you didn't do was compare the robe or ring to other items on Nillys and prod alike.
    Go through it again doing that, and this is top tier

    btw I like the name "Cosmic Sage" or "Crystal Caster" :)

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Sprite of gauntlet can be better(shading), same with book and shard(wich doesn't look like a crystal shard).

    Sorry for the waiting, here is my opinion about stats:

    Staff: Nothing special afar from RoF. Still interesting to use for farming(even though aiming is easy af with this).

    Spell: Finally somebody cares about abilities. Sadly this has no creativity, just a buffed T6 spell.

    Robe: I like the stats though it resembles to esben's robe, you wanna compare stats and make it different.

    Ring: The stats bonus are interesting. I don't seee nothing wrong in here.

  • @LagoonZz sorry sheesh i just put it there cuz everybody else wuz.

  • @Azatoth thanx fam

  • @Potman The reason i used a gauntlet because I didn't want to use an actual "staff" because its like the only sprite thats a staff. trying sumthn new here :)

    I agree on the ring. i mad ethis at 3 in the moring so ya xD

  • @Night-Owl idk how to draw a crystal shard with 8x8

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    The gauntlet has already been reskined twice. Try to change it up a little more and I'll like it. ;s

    I really like the robe's sprite. I think what you did was neato.

  • Wiki Editor

    Staff: Leavin’ it to others.
    Oh wait, nvm. You may want to work the dex penalty into the weapon itself (prod's stupid. they add dex bonuses into weapons). Just a little tip of mine.
    Spell: What you’re missing: range, speed/lifetime of projectile, wavy shots if any. Overall, I’m not sure about that. A wizard using this OUT of set and pairing this with an Esben robe can really pile up the pain.
    Btw, there’s no REAL cooldown on a spell… but server can only really register a blast once every 0.5 seconds or so, so wizards don’t insta-smoke limon with a T5. so really, your spell has a 1 second cooldown.
    I think it’s a “meh” idea. (kinda did a little crazy math, and this spell really does less DPS based on mana cost than a T6 just saying (don’t ask me)).
    Robe: It’s just a buffed manor robe. Try spicing up with something else.
    Ring: A hybrid of the Constricted Collar, but more spd and a dex penalty for other stats. Err.

    All the advice I got for ya.

    But +1 for effort.

  • @Creeper re did it

  • Wiki Editor

    @Nirlar here, i'll help ya:

    Look around to help you!

    The spell doesn't seem very much unique in that case other than better burst (but T6 has better mana/damage rates than this)
    The robe is a near slight upgrade of the Esben Robe with super vit and wis for lower mp.
    Ring's pretty unique but try bumping hp/mp more. -8 DEX is like a CC for a ring.

    lovin that 690 lifetime for the staff lol.

    btw, i'm a stat critic. i don't give much about sprites cuz i'm bad at it anyhows xddd

  • @Pringle Thanks for the <3 on the robe m8
    but i dont have any ideas for te gauntlet :( rip

  • Famous Forumers

    @Nirlar Holy fuck, wow. Okay.

    Too many stat bonuses. Lower them to +2 and -2 each one. Don't use dex modifiers. Just work it into the RoF.
    I would never use this. It's outdamaged by cosmic until you get to like 200 defense enemies, which makes no sense to try to kill.
    As for the sprite, it's okay. I'd switch it with the ring, though.

    Again, too many stat bonuses.
    Why is it unique? It's basically a direct upgrade to the T6 spell.
    As for the sprite, it's meh.

    It's shit. No one would ever use it. I'm sorry, but hellfire is just better. When would I need this? Ever?
    As for the sprite, it's actually pretty cool.

    Dafuq is this? When would I ever use this? Ever? It's basically a defensive bracer, but when would I need the defense? 8 VIT or WIS is barely noticeable, but -5 SPD and -8 DEX is just unforgiveable. Tbh, I'd rather use reactor.
    As for the sprite, it looks like a half shield. It's not that great.

  • Banned

    i liek it :0

  • @Cutie thaenk yew fam

  • @Pyrouge r00d m8 everyvody else was n1cer

    you gave me crippling depression ;-;

    LOL jk
    ill edit dis tomorrow im tired asf from history homework. fuck history

  • Wiki Editor

    @Nirlar I mean... You called him a faggot so this was most likely in return

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Nirlar Love the new ring, love the new robe stats. This idea is changing for the better :)
    Good job

  • @Nirlar We all know my creativity is shit but as far as i know gauntlet is a ring and with my shit creativity if you want you can try make the staff with these
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    Yes I know they are all pretty shit didn't color because it would make it even more shit :p.
    And give me all the criticism you want... I know i will get some so just getting prepared for a massive shitwave of me being criticized

  • @IRPotatoMaster I think they are cool and creative. I really like the 1st one.

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