Nilly's realm map format?

  • I'd like to know how the Dream tool saves/loads map files. The reason I want to know this, is that I want to experiment with random map generation. Sure, it's possible to output my map as, for instance, a picture and then manually paint it in the dream tool, but it's a pointless endeavor considering that I could simply output a map file.

    Here's 2 arena dirts next to each other:

    {"data":"eNpjYGBgAAAABAAB","width":2,"dict":[{"ground":"Arena Dirt"}],"height":1}

    Here's what I think these mean:


    Very obviously the width and height of the map.

    "dict":[{"ground":"Arena Dirt"}]

    A dictionary of all the different grounds, objects and tiles in the map.


    The part that I want help understanding.
    It could be numbers indicating which object from the dictionary is on the tile (may be 11, as 1 is arena dirt and there are 2 of them next to each other) in nice, compact binary, and encoded in base64 so it can be posted on a forum or stored in a regular text file without problems. However, it's not what I expected it to be.

    @DrWhen @nilly @ whoever-has-access-to-the-source help me!

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    lol wtf only smart ppl understand dis shit

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