How to Git Gud

  • IDK im asking all of you!
    I am always really bad at rotmg
    prod and pserver...
    dont belive me? Reameye me @BaconSM!
    I never got a GOOD UT, like a jugg or fuckin oreo. i get shitty ones like expo, dbow, cwand, csword, dblade, etc.

    jk about the ut part, i get ok ut's

    how do u git gud cuz me is scrubbing shoes m8

  • Lovecraft

    @Nirlar really the only way is whenever u die just rmb how u died and learn from ur mistake and nvr die that way again

  • @Typhoon so basically "dont go anywhere with enemies"?

  • Lovecraft

    @Nirlar just learn from ur mistakes

  • Everlasting Destiny

    1. Make a wizard
    2. Get to lv20 Farm Godslands(You should do it while you listen to music, it's actually really nice c:)
    3. Sell your pots
    4. Die
    5. Repeat Steps 1-4

    Eventually the amount of fame you get from selling pots and dying on your wizard will leave you to be rich, and then you can buy anything you want to max a char or get good items for one. You just have to be smart and manage your fame well.

    Hope this helped :3

  • @TheDivineHero lol no wizzy gear is expemnsve

  • Lovecraft

    @Nirlar do an npe

  • Lovecraft

    There is a lot of ways to become rich, or git gud.

    First way is.....Farming.
    Gland farming : wizzard, necromancer, bow classes, sorcerer is good for this.
    Dungeon farming: all melee chars (if you handle this well), wizzard, bow classes are good.
    Second way is... Get expensive UTs.
    Pick up ur trix and run all dungeons like shatters asylum tomb shaitan .
    Someday you could get expensive uts.
    Third way is... Do not die.
    Yes. This is really important. Rebuild needs a lot of fames. Just play carefully, dont do rush.
    I dont hate leechers :)
    Fourth way is... Make a lot of friend who could help you.
    there are some good friends who are willing tomhelp you....Like me :>
    Fifth way is.... My best way.... DO NOT SPEND MONEY AT ALL.
    Yes. Many peoples use their fames for better equipment, and dies. Who could get rich, if they spend all fames in their equipment?? Just save your money.

  • 27

    I spend about 100 fame on gear for a pretty shitty wiz, and then lvl it up to 20 and in about 15 mins you'll already have about 100 base fame so you wont need to worry about making profit because you already have. Dont drink any of the pots you find, just vault them or sell them immediately, until you have around 750+ base fame, at which point i spend whatever fame i have earnt from the wizzy on buying pots back to max the vital stats.

  • @Azatoth thanks, my sorcerer farmed 6 pots in 4 minutes.

  • @LagoonZz hmmm, well I drink all the cheap pots (spd, att) and sell all the expensive ones...

  • 27

    @Nirlar id sell all of them if i were you, it gets you more fame than you'd think - i usually get 8 pots every 5 mins at most, so most of them are speed and att, which i sell for 10 each.
    Thats a minimum of 80 fame per 5 mins, and it doesnt even count the fact that you might get some def pots or others along the way.

  • @LagoonZz thanks m8 it helped me,,, cuz i drink dex pots as well and they sell for a shit ton for such an easy pot

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