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    I am Niriar (thats right the supposed L in my name is a capital i!!!)
    And today, I will describe (cuz no pics too lazy) to u how to make a set.

    So, first of all, learn color theory.
    well: In the visual arts, color theory or colour theory is a body of practical guidance to color mixing and the visual effects of a specific color combination. There are also definitions (or categories) of colors based on the color wheel: primary color, secondary color and tertiary color.

    There we go. Basically u make colors try to go together so that it is visually appealing. One example is "brown and Grey" they go together well, but not too well. Pink and black works trash together. Some of us need to learn Color Theory, some of us (like me) are born with it.

    Spriting and art came naturally to me, and some others as well. Some need work, but i won't say that 'you're shit, git gud' or things like that (maybe I will, making no promises here).

    Many people suggest to make an outline out of black pixels to start out a sprite, but I say otherwise. You need to dig deep inside your mind to come up with a fascinating shape and design that people will love. Keep in mind that it doesnt matter whether or not you
    like your sprite. it only matters if other people like it.

    Shading is easy! I usually do up to down shading, meaning lighter colors at the top, darker colors at the bottom. Dont make it too obvious though.
    EXAMPLE OF GOOD SHADING/SPRITING: 0_1474605969144_HelmOfDivineImmortals.png

    EXAMPLE OF BAD SHADING/SPRITING: 0_1474605997444_Nemian Lion Vest.png

    I made both sprites. I obviously wasnt trying as hard on the Nemian Lion Vest.

    Anyways, enough about that.
    You need to choose a color theme and a overall theme.

    for example: Dusk colors and Shadow Set goes alright.
    WEAPON: Make the weapon have a good looking sprite, such as this: 0_1474606219500_BileSword.png
    (above is an european dildo)

    ABILITY: Dont resprite and recolor. that would be basically stealing.

    ARMOR: same^

    RING: Making a "Ring of Dusk" and re-coloring a UBHP or a EXA HP is not okay! (or any rings)
    Make something special! Like a "Shadow Lord's Soul"

    Anyways kewl.

    Trying to make something with unique stats is very difficult!
    I cant give any tips on this part because I suck at this part.

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    @Nirlar said in How to Sprite a Set m8:

    WEAPON: Make the weapon have a good looking sprite, such as this: 0_1474606219500_BileSword.png

    I really hope you're not being serious here...

    good looking sprite

    Ummmmmmmmm.......... yeah..........
    Really though, what the fuck is going on with this sprite - theres just stuff going absolutely everywhere and not even a general sword shape (if it is even meant to be a sword, I can't even tell)

  • @LagoonZz its an european dildo.

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    @LagoonZz Still looks better than any item in the captain america set..

    4real tho.

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