Buying 30$$ Worth of Fame, message me. (Bought)

  • As the title states, I will be buying it, we can do it in paypal, but if you accept my offer reply on post or message me.

  • Hi can I buy something from you

  • @Sycxx I might have enough by that time.

  • Donor

    @obamabin yeah... buy 30k worth of fame at 0.8/1k then sell to him at 1/1k and make $6 profit in over a week. Genius.

  • @BlameTheLag it's just extra on the fame I collect myself.

  • I don't care how he got the fame or whatever, I just want the fame.
    My account is pretty old, I just don't normally ask for vouches, so we can do trades in 1 of 2 ways.
    We can get a dedicated middleman with many vouches.
    Or we can do it like 5$ at a time until we get all 30$ taken care of if you don't want to go first.

  • @Sycxx obamabin is legit and has vouches, i sold him 40k fame yesterday :>

  • 27

    Yeah Obama is one of the most trusted traders on these forums, so you should be good without a middleman (inb4 obamas actually a scammer)

  • @LagoonZz i giv u 50k fame for 30$ ex dee no scam sir :D

  • I'm about to buy the fame in a few hours if anyone's down for it.

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