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  • I went to pre release for kaladesh. Got a planeswalker, sold it when the tourny was over. Got destroyed by two people. The next two I had small troubles with.

    The new set gets like a 8/10.
    -It's all artifacts and some of them are pretty trashy.
    -vehicles are kinda just beaters and if you have those old "destroy artifact" cards then you will pop them right when they are played.
    -I had to see a 5 drop counter card that was trash so that ruined my mood
    -Was very upset with my dated promo which was a card that could potentially kill me if I used it.
    -Energy counters made people use pokemon energy cards as tokens and it made me want to vomit. The idea of having a second source of power is pretty eh to me.
    -Man did I have fun messing with people with my blue/red.
    -My planeswalker worked wonderfully with the deck and I got a good 10 bucks off of her (which I spent on yu gi oh)
    -I didn't feel as disappointed as I did when Eldrich Moon hit.
    -That 40 card Minimum hurt many including me so it was fair but at the same time it now had to do with luck instead of knowing what you had (not many could tell what to build with what.) so it was new and interesting.

    Thats the basis of it.

    Have a nice day everybody.

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    how much did you sell plane for :P?

  • @G_G_PvP it was worth 12 I sold for 10. Didn't feel like saving it or waiting, I was just there to play then just wait till the next one.

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