Best Weapon For Pally?

  • What is the best weapon for pally? Can't get my hands on a cap sword, and don't really want to pay 10k fame for one at the moment. Thinking about pixie + acclaim, but was also thinking about a shaylee for the range, and ignore defense effect.

  • I have a 6/8 pal and I use pixie and acclaim. Works good

  • @HippyT have you tried a shaylee? I feel like the ignore defense effect with the bonus dmg makes that thing op af

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    @Atops I've tried the shalaylee before. Anywhere with a csword, pixie, or pizza sword, this sword fits in and even more so cuz shalaylee beats csword at 30 def which is pretty low. It also passes acclaim at ~100 def or so (something high but still sees overall usage). Luck is only icing on the top although imo I get bad luck personally but others see better results.

    If you really want to go ahead but pixie and acclaim can still do for lower cost

    If you really want the extra bonuses his provides go for it

  • @Creeper So shaylee if i can get on, other then that get the pixie + acclaim?

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    @Atops Your personal opinion if you want to spend 2-2.5k fame on that. Not mine.

  • cap sword :p

  • War Hammer/Captain Sword for Events and Dungeons, Pixie in general due to the 1 damage Soulbound.

  • @Paracosm Sadist is good for pally - i think. Lots of peps might disagree though, since the fire rate is shit and will be more shit on a pally

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