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    (topic-disappointment: the game is not in a playable state, i am using this topic mostly for myself. thanks)

    first up, i finished school XD and im kinda happy about it cause i have more time playing games or making crappy ones :P

    my dream was to finish a single game but im just 2 bad to make sprites and stuff...
    so here is the last part of the crappy loi games (with more glow and stuff)

    theres no story (based on the lore) or cool stuff this time, because i will just mess it up again

    just gameplay and ... well ... death (storymode will be added later...)

    "what is LOI?" you may ask... well. loi means legend of icarius(inius)
    so the game itself is a shoot-em-up/bullet hell (kinda) /permadeath/RPG/runbased game
    i made the first one about a year ago and had to destroy the project because it didnt save well and i had no backup.
    the story of loi and the character icarius inius was made by me (if you wonder)

    crappy QA with my nonexistent friend XxMLG_scrubxkiller-mommy_HDxX(or insert another uncreative name here):

    Q:why wont you continue with loi 2?
    A: because i messed up some stuff and it just wasnt playable on 120fps

    Q:when is the release of the first playeble version?
    A: never (lol) or maybe when i finished the part that is possible (edit: released)

    Q:why are there shitty graphics and no music?
    A: i am the only dev of this game and i can't/wont make those on early stages

    Q:why do you discontinue your projects all da fckin time?
    A: im trying to find new ways for making short but effective code and i will discontinue when i notice that the project is not working the way i like it and making a new one is easyer

    Q:is it possible for you to discontinue the project before the test release?
    A: no, i will at least finish the test version

    Q:will this game work on MAC this time?
    A: no, exept you will find a way yourself getting the game to work. but i cant support it because i dont have a MAC myslef to test stuff

    Q:how much do you spend time working on the game?
    A: 24 hours per week in the future

    Q:are you good at fixin bugz?
    A: yes, just report it but i will find most of the bugs myself.

    Q:why do u make the game impossible?
    A: better2hardthan2easy

    Q:will there be a possible mode
    A: maybe, but you have to be an absolute loser to play it :P

    Q:who is the character i am playing?
    A: is it a plane? is it a dragon? NO! it is an astral bird called icarius inius. he is kinda godlike but dies with one hit ingame

    edit: changed character to an astral wisp for now

    Q:what are you fighting?
    A: dank memes..... JK, mostly demonic shadow creatures

    Q:what the hell is wrong with your grammar?
    A: i am german, if you find any misstakes, just tell me(since im writing for the other person. his grammar is as bad as mine )

    Q:why are you posting aboue this unreleased version? and why in the NR forum
    A: because... idk, maybe because i can find some other bullethell fans in there?
    or because im just a little leech :P

    A: lel?

    original post


    progress (warning, spoilers X_X):

    version test unreleased a1.3.1
    +added new phase for lost hope icrius
    -changed the background star generator
    -reworked phase 4
    -increased life of lost hope 200->250
    -decreased the time during pause phase
    -nerfed the teleportation phase

    version test unreleased a1.3.0
    +added new miniboss (lost hope icrius)
    +added new pause option (30 seconds cooldown and not usable during boss fights)
    +added a new way to quickly restart the game (devmode only)
    -its not possible to collect stars anymore
    -fixed some exploits

    version test unreleased a1.2.0
    -collecteble stars are brighter
    +added slow aura (not ingame yet)
    +added custom cur for well, idk
    -reduced character speed 20->5
    -reduced spawnchance for the first room 1:300->1:600
    -changed the way how enemieshots are working

    version test unreleased a1.1.0
    -shots can now get stronger by collecting stars
    +added enemygenerator and enemy generation loops
    +added death annimation
    +added shot explosion annimation
    +screen now gets black if you die
    +added lifebars for enemies
    -improved character glow
    -removed title inside of the test room
    -replaced startweapon (energyshot with energystars)
    -improved the hitboxes of some objects

    version test unreleased a1.0.0
    +added 2 enemies with different shot patterns
    +added score system
    +added character and shots
    +added background stars
    +added particles
    +added shield


  • Post some in-game screenshots. You may make your thread more attractive :3
    Good luck on your game.

  • L0I - Developer

    @Vasya thanks, when youre bored you can count the number of "crappy" or "shitty" XD
    i will add screenshots when i think its worth showing

  • L0I - Developer

    just a quick random update for those who want to know how the game looks like atm.
    (alot better than the first one but still kinda bad)


    my testroom is in space so, yea... here it is. (will release the first playable version next week)

  • @Icarius-Inius
    Keep going. Remember that you can't make a perfect game in an instant. It's all about progress and experience. So don't let the "bad looking game" discourage you. Look for player feedback to improve your game furthermore. Ignore unconstructive criticism (eg. "fuck bad game lmao 0/10"). Only pay attention to comments that will help you with your game, even if it has hate. Don't take others opinions close to heart, you should only learn from them.

    As i recall, this is a bullet hell game. So you should watch videos of other bullet hell games and look how it's done (but don't copy, be original). Maybe some kind of feature in other game will give you an idea.

    But i believe your game (or your other games) will be amazing if you keep going and don't give up. I wish you luck, once again.

  • @Icarius-Inius honestly for someone who is not a master in the coding languages or has a degree in professional digitech art it looks pretty damn good

  • L0I - Developer

    @Vasya said in LOI attempt:3 NEO (another crappy loi title):


    As i recall, this is a bullet hell game. So you should watch videos of other bullet hell games and look how it's done (but don't copy, be original). Maybe some kind of feature in other game will give you an idea.

    dont worry, this is just the first level of the game witch is pretty easy
    the game will end with a screen full of projectiles later on ^^

    and also , i played bullet heaven so, yea...

  • L0I - Developer

    update a1.3.0 is there, this time with first ingame footage of the "Lost hope ICRIUS" boss
    i hope you will enjoy my 144px q_q

    (edit: you can use 720px now .-.)

  • Touhou

    This reminds me of Touhou so damn much.

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