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    I've been seeing lots and lots of players recently that don't like the fact that the OA is out of business, and I'm gonna guess that it's caused quite a lot of people to leave due to the fact that they can no longer get instantly rich. Personally, I don't want it back, due to the easy way in which people get loot and ruin the economy in one fell swoop. But I do have some suggestions:

    1. Slightly more loot available from completing the solo arena
    Instead of just keys being dropped every 5 rounds or so, there could possibly be a randomised system that makes completing the rounds more rewarding. One such Idea could be that between 1-5 would either be a hp or mp pot, and then 5-10 could be a spd/att pot, 10-15 could be a def/wis/vit/dex, and then 15+ could be a life/mana pot. These would have to be modified due to the fact that if there are people making it to round 30, then they would be getting 15 either life or mana pots, which is a bit extreme (one idea is that there would be a 33% chance one of these would spawn in, so it would be more luck based and less abusable, or also the pots could be soulbound so that it doesn't impact the economy as much). These would be in addition to the keys at the regular intervals.

    2. Revamp the regular arena
    Pretty much the only way to get keys such as jeebs keys is to get to round 30 in the arena. But due to the lack of loot or fame gained from the arena, it is becoming less and less popular, and therefore the amount of jeebs keys being opened is dropping too. This also has an impact on the queen of heart's drops and also the swamp spirit, due to the fact that they are pretty much only found in the jeebs arena.
    To get more of these items in circulation, I suggest a way of making the arena a bit more popular - a challenge event. Every week, the group that got to the highest round in the arena would get a random key, just like the one that they would get at round 30 in the arena. The people included in the prize must have originally gotten to round 20, otherwise lvl 1 leechers would join and then die instantly, but still gain the profit. The group that got 2nd highest would have a 75% chance of getting the rewards that the group that came 1st got. 3rd highest would have a 50% chance, and then 4th highest would have a 25% chance. This would not only stop the amount of people that got to wave 30 and left once they got the key, but also start a bit of a challenge between the community. There would have t be a designated server that this arena contest took place in otherwise it might get confusing.

    I have no idea if this idea is actually possible, but I just wanted to put it out there.
    Feedback/criticism would be much appreciated.

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    @LagoonZz the richer people would d9minate the arena with op gears and get super rich but wtver +1

  • @LagoonZz make the life drop rate 33% is my suggestion since 50% is a bit much still.

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    @obamabin Yh good point I dont want people to crash the marketplace I just want a small reward for people.

  • @LagoonZz make the potions soulbound hehe

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    @obamabin Thats actually a really good idea im not sure whether you're trolling but I actually really like that

  • @LagoonZz well deca invented that shit to not crash the market. But they could do that maybe even in OA, because I want to use my assassin again :(

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    Jusy gonna bump this to see if anyone has any more suggestions/feedback

  • So i dont agree to ur Suggestion. Why ? Before Solo arena dropped items whites/pots etc
    and u could not die No challange Good loot!!
    So they took it off. Now if they would add the rewards in arena by getting the pots at each wave at 50% you would 100% get 1 pot each wave( mana/life drops at 50% at each wave from wave 20-25 )
    And at 33 % u would have a chance of 66 % to get 1 pot each wave so 34% to not get potions .
    And then the people/Youtubers like robo , me and others that do npes/ppes would actually have no big challange then just sit in the corner and wait till wave 30 and get like 30 pots each arena
    +keys that are worth a bit too (jeebs 2k atm ) and this would destroy the game.
    And the idea about makeing pots soulbound would ruin the prices too the people would farm arenas and would stop makeing dungeons like ots /tombs and then people would lower their life/mana price to get some profit of it

    But ye Thats only this WHAT I THINK
    69 views lel


    git back oa

  • L0I - Developer

    how to i whould remake the SoloArena:

    bring loot back / you can die there


    how to i whould remake the OryxArena:

    make that every player has to use an OA key to enter the OA / reduce amount of gods by a bit / more time between waves
    increase oa key droprate (and make them soulbound) / make a cooldown between oa runs (so the oa won't be spammed)


    how to i whould remake the arena:

    i just want more stuff in the lootpools and not just keys + remake lootpools for wave 30-50 is realy important too (thinking of pbag and rip emote for wave 50 ;) )


    since there is no-one to code it , we have no hope to remake it anyways XD

  • The thing that annoys me the most about normal Arena is the fact that Wave 50 only gives a Backpack.

    An item you can buy for fucking 300 fame in Nexus.

  • This post is deleted!

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