Marketplace system

  • Marketplace system needs to be fixed so bad cause everytime i try to buy an item i need its always a crazy high price like 0_1475096156689_Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 3.52.07 PM.png
    And i just think the marketplace needs fixing. as it ruins the fun for people who try to buy abilities they need.

  • @IzzyGaming dude check a tier higher like t5 and those will be like 50 fame, people just put items which nobody picks up to sell on the market for fun and maybe some guy accidentally buys one when he walks over an actual good ability when it switches. Don't whine about it. It can't be fixed.

  • yeah i found a t5 poison it just takes up more space and its a pain when you can't find anything else

  • Firstly who even buys the lower tired abilities anyways, they take like rive minutes to grind out to get. Hence why their are probably none on the market... because they aren't worth anything. Second, just because the system doesn't cater to your specific needs, doesn't mean that it should be changed. It's been like this forever and I think it's personally amazing.

  • People who complain about prices don't know how a player setup market works. There aren't set prices for items. It's supply and demand. If I have an item and no one else has it. I name the price. You can offer a price but I still name the final price. That's how a market like this one works.

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