Do Not Gamble With Game Dealer!!! For your SAFETY

  • You know how in the market place you'll see "Place Your bets" - GameDealer. Well on one of the games a player bet a wand of pristine environments. This is worth around 6k, don't send hate posts if I'm wrong. I bet a tomb key and others bet magma armor etc. SO in this game he "spins a wheel" one which you can't see and more points give you a better chance of winning. 10 fame in item = 1 point 200 fame = 20 point etc. The winner was a 0 star wizard named "WhiteCookis" and guess what he won the Pristine Wand, my tomb key (not to upset about that, but it needs to stop) magma armor and so on. My guess is this WhiteCookis is a mule to game dealer. If an admin reads this I need this guy to be stopped. I don't want scammers and crap like in prod and that will degrade the game. Thank you for your time. -SoloBoxer

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    To be fair, you lost and called the winner a mule.

    Gambling is stupid anyways.

  • Im not sad that I lost a tomb key I just dont want this scam to continue

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    And he's a scammer because he won and you lost. He could of just ran with your items anyway, you should be happy he blessed you with knowing you lost. Although I agree a 0* winning is kinda annoying and sketchy, but you should be wiser with your fame and items. You don't really even have proof its a scam. The least you could of done was provide screenshots. What I'm trying to get across is if you aren't going to provide any proof, it just comes off as a whine.

  • or simply do not gamble/rwt at all.

  • @Pringle he may just be salty but it happens all the time on prod gamble hosts who dont stream always have mules who "win" hell even i did it once back before betting was all the rage

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