Maxing Prod Chars for Nilly's Chars!

  • Hey~

    Hm.. I feel like doing something quite strange in terms of trading... I'm willing to max prod. characters for nilly's chars :3
    I don't know how we'll figure how the trading and/or pricing, will mostly all be discussed privately.
    So huh, I don't even know if that'll work but aye, if you're up for it message me! <3

    p.s. I haven't really started stacking pots, but I have a variety of characters for the variety of dungeons, don't worry about the ''delivery'' time :3

  • @Waifu Okay, so if I wanted a 6/8 then I could do that and get you a 6/8? is that what this is?

  • Donor

    prod is cancer.. but people do what people do

  • @Prism Pretty much :3

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