Set of the Haunted Spirits

  • This Set was designed by @BLOODQWEN , however the stats were created by @Jordas and @SDSWrath ! I give credit to the artist of the design, however, the stats were originated from me.

    Alright, one last thing guys! I'm taking all skin suggestions for this set!
    Please make it look good as that I'm submitting this with Stats to the item suggestion forum!
    Keep in mind the set is based around the Necromancer! So that means Undead, or Darkness! Also, this set will be dropping from the Shatters so also keep that in mind when designing the sprite!
    Here is the picture of what the set looks like!

    Submit all entry's either by submitting a private message to me, or posting the picture here.
    If I like it, ill contact you on Skype or Discord!
    NOTE: For those whom don't want to design it, I'm holding a prize for the person who designs the best sprite for this set! The determined prize will be 500 FAME or MORE!

    Here is the Stats for these items!

    Name: Staff of the Undead Empire
    Description: Crafted by the Undead King himself to do his biddings. They say that every touch brings a chill to your spine.

    Shots: 2
    Damage: 80-120 (Average: 100)
    Base DPS: (120)
    Rate of Fire: 80%
    Projectile Speed: 16
    Range: 8.55
    Aplitude: 0.8
    Frequency: 2
    Fame: 6%
    Feed Power: 500 (Doesn't matter.)

    +3 Wisdom

    Does not multi-hit
    Does not armor pierce
    Does not ignore obstacles
    Tier: UT
    Drops from: Ice Adapt (1/125 : 0.8%)
    Glassier Archmage (1/250 : 0.4%)
    Open to Monster drops chances from the shatters!

    Name: Skull of Twisted Thoughts
    Description: Ripped from the Fiery Heads of those that opposed him. Rumor to be held that its infused with dark magic. You may still hear the screams from the forgotton souls.

    To Target
    On use: Stunned for 2 seconds
    On use: Bleeding for 2 seconds
    Radius: 3
    MP Cost: 150
    Damage: 170
    Fame: 6%
    Feed Power: 650

    -2 Dexterity
    +3 Wisdom
    +25 Maximum HP

    Tier: UT
    Drops from: Fire Portal/Sphere (1/250 : 0.8%)
    Fire Adapt (1/125 : 0.4%)

    Name: Robe of the Arcane Magus
    Description: Cursed to those whom wear this fine mythical cloth. Warned by the Archmage himself that the dark thruth lies beneath the shadows.

    +65 Maximum MP
    +4 Attack
    +5 Wisdom
    +15 Defense
    Fame Bonus: 6%
    Feed Power: 780

    Tier: UT
    Drops from: Twilight Archmage (1/125 : 0.8%)
    Forgotten Guardians (1/100: 1%)

    Name: Amulet of the Dark Secrets
    Description: Be aware that those whom behold this amulet may be revealed to the secrets that lie within. The truth could leave you the inability to trust those whom you loved.

    +85 Maximum HP
    +70 Maximum MP
    +6 Wisdom
    Fame Bonus: 6%
    Feed Power: 650

    Tier: UT
    Drops from: Avatar of the Forgotten King (1/250 : 0.4%)
    The Forgotten King 3rd Shatters Boss (1/100 : 1%)

    Total Stats:
    +17 Wisdom
    -2 Dexterity
    +95 Maximum HP
    +150 Maximum MP
    +15 Defense
    +4 Attack

    Set Buff:
    +2 Attack
    +1 Defense
    +25 Maximum HP
    +25 Maximum MP

    Total Stats With Set Buff
    +6 Attack
    +15 Wisdom
    -2 Dexterity
    +16 Defense
    +120 Maximum HP
    +175 Maximum MP

    This Set was designed by @BLOODQWEN , however the stats were created by @Jordas and @SDSWrath ! I give credit to the artist of the design, however, the stats were originated from me.

  • heres the pick for u fam

  • Everlasting Destiny

    gud sprites

  • I figured that there is really no Necromancer items in the game, so I took it to myself with @BLOODQWEN 's sprites to make the set! I think it turned out pretty well.

  • whats a forgotten guardian?

  • alt text

    He is at the last boss, The Forgotten King.
    There are 2 guardians watching him. Once you kill them at the start, then you start the boss.

  • right

  • u forgot to add the "why is this item unique and balanced?" part to your items

  • Well, I made sure to make the items balanced as that I looked at the current list of UTs and Items of Nilly's Realm, and Realm of the Mad God Wiki and got a basic understanding. I balanced the skull out so that it does decent damage, but with the addition to that it gives bleeding to the enemy.

    These items are unique because they were designed to be good, however not over-powered.
    Also they were designed because many people play the same classes over and over because of content and their liking. However if we give a set or new items to allow Necromancer to be enjoyed, then people will most likely want to play him.

    He has a balanced health scale, along with +140 maximum mana, due to his skull costing 150 for every use.
    Due to the set being related to fire, and undead, I went ahead and added a dexterity deduction to allow balance while maintaining the balance on the other items of the set.

  • Wiki Editor

    Like totally the Esben set, Lab set, or the Skull of the Cubes don't exist all. There are a bunch of items for necro.

    Staff: No atk/dex modifiers (unless there's a reason for atk). Work it into the weapon.
    Nothing really unique about the staff... it's just a great climbing pattern shots with lower range and semi-higher DPS.
    Also seems like a hybrid of the UH staff and the Staff of Insanity, but has even worse DPS than insanity for the lower range.

    Skull: Bleeding does not count to your DPS.
    Slow is already taken by many skulls.
    This really makes this a weaker Esben skull, depending on more damage by skull or more raw DPS.

    Robe: Err.... what happened here?
    No defense?? ;-;
    AND the bonuses are really taken all over the place, just a mimic of many of the tiered robes, Robe of the Battle Monk, and a few others, depending on the defense on this robe (which you never provided.)

    Ring: Worse form than the Bloody Legacy (with completely identical stats, but with a reverse DPS buff instead of a bonus), in which it's already bad in a nutshell.

    AND you're missing why they're unique/balanced as @Bilore said (I'm giving you a +1 for reminding me about that ;p)

  • @Creeper

    Thanks for your comment!
    I will take these suggestions into mind!

    Changing the staff to have the range of 8.55,
    Removing the Attack and Dexterity Modifiers.
    Switched the Amplitude to 0.8 instead of 0.5 to allow the ability to shoot around corners and walls.
    Changed the Base damaged from 70-110 to 80-120 (100 Base Damage).
    Increasing the Wisdom on the Wand from +2 to +3.

    Switching Slow 2.5 seconds to Stunned for 2 seconds.
    Bleeding Doesn't count towards the DPS, the 170 Damage is the Base Damage, whatever the bleeding does to the monster is added onto that.

    Switched the Defense from +14 to +15,
    I also didn't add the Defense into the post on accident!
    Didn't realize that until now!

    Changed the +65 Maximum HP to +85 Maximum HP
    Changed the +65 Maximum MP to +70 Maximum MP
    Removing -4 Dexterity from the Ring
    Changing +5 Wisdom on the ring to +6 Wisdom.

    If you still don't like this, please offer more advice!

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Sincerely, i don't see any usefullness on the set.

    Staff still a t13 upgrade(well you know, we have seen that niche a lot),
    Skull makes knight useless(ranged stun),
    Robe is okay i guess?...
    And ring is a Geb ring wannabe(or bloody legacy wannabe as Creep said).

    If i were you i would think more on making them unique(staff skull and ring).

    Some nerfs you can do:
    -Just one and that's the stun on the skull.

  • Wiki Editor

    Use to help out with your stats. May be in need.

    Staff's is just a T12 with higher DEF capabilities.

    Skull is broken now. Ranged stun is a no-no.

    The robe's now a T15 robe with less mana/wis.

    Ring's a... either a hybrid of... I dunno. It's awkward but eh.

    Really though, I feel like your set's trying to revolve around mana-wise, but it seems like the Avatar set already has taken its toll on this set.

    What I meant was that bleeding doesn't count towards one's soulbound DPS. My bad. I wrote that very unclearly.

  • Alright, thanks but instead of constantly trying to tell me how to change it, why don't you give it some stats? if I try again then it won't to be anyone's liking.

  • I'll be working on it today while I'm at school. Don't worry, I didn't realize there was T15 items.

  • Also bloodqwen even said no when you asked didn't he

  • Wiki Editor

    @HibiscusSorc He said no because he didn't have names for the sprites, not to deny permission.

  • KK well then I guess it's good, I like the sprites buuuuuuut.....

  • But what. Also, I'm taking suggestions, this may be my stats but to whom anyone who gives stats to people's liking, I'll give you credit for he item for helping.

  • Wiki Editor

    Actually I'll pm you it. Not gonna have a wall of text here.

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