Vouch Thread - Stiggyone

  • Ok so apparently this is the trendy thing to do now :)
    Vouches below if you traded me


    Full list of trades:
    RubyR - Sold 5 Prod Life for nilly's fame
    PumaPRO - Sold 40k fame for CS:GO keys (now a scammer, please don't trade him)
    JoppeBror - Sold 8 UBHPs for nilly's fame
    Boyka - Sold 132.5k fame for paypal
    Thecoolkid - Sold 6 Prod Life for nilly's fame
    NarutoUzam - Sold 3 Prod Life for nilly's fame
    Alpheryite - Sold 80k fame for 4 $20 steam giftcards
    Obamabin - Sold 70k for paypal
    Jaredzhou - Sold 25k for paypal
    Oguzreizz - Sold 9k for CS:GO keys
    Scfliu - Sold 8k for paypal
    Nightslaye - Sold 23.6k for paypal

  • i found his vouch thread 10/10 would gib steam cards again

  • Very trusted guy, small rollback due to server crash caused the fame to go back to him but he gave me the fame back like a real trader.

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