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    So, we've all seen that little icon in the upper right of our screen. It tells us how much fame we have, right? You bet it does.


    But... what's that next to it? .... Hmm... a coin maybe? But... that number next to it never changes. It's always zero. And there isn't a place in the game where I've seen them, ever! Strange... maybe it's a currency lost to the ages...


    There was a time when Nilly mentioned that coins were in development, as in a forming idea.


    And, if you look, you'll see that that time was about a year ago already. I'll be sticking to what he mentioned there: the gain of 1000 fame after death results in the gain of 1 coin, 2000 fame results in 2 coins, and so on.

    The VIP Market


    Now that this portal is not in use with the marketplace having it's own server, I thought it would be convenient to convert it to the VIP Market portal. It will be located in the Marketplace server, near the bottom where the other portals for the Vault and stuff used to be.

    "Woah, woah, slow down. What even is the VIP Market?"

    Fantastic question. Well, as the name suggests, the VIP Market is a perk for donators. The only perk that exists as of now is the ability to immediately enter servers, even if the maximum amount of people is reached. That was, like, the best thing ever when there was a single server. Don't get me wrong, it is still quite a good perk, but maybe not as good as it was now that there is more than one server.
    This VIP Market contains items that only donors are allowed access to buy. HOWEVER,
    these items will not be soulbound, and can be traded to non donors so the game will not be considered pay-to-win.

    "Items? What kinds of items?"

    Here's what I was thinking:

    • Unobtainable items
      • Items such as the Ray Katana and Pizza Helm (or possibly items that drop from Oryx 4, but that's a bit too much on the pay-to-win side of things). They are in the game and have been seen before, they are just currently unobtainable through dungeons.
    • Unreleased set items
      • This includes the Oryx Awesome Set and the Phylactery Mystic Set. Also, the Moloch Set was once said to be dropped from the supposed Swamp dungeon that was in progress. I thought that this might be a good place for it if the set itself is done. Furthermore, Unholy items that have yet to be released would go here once they are (if a drop location isn't given).
    • Unique Skins
      • This one is a bit touchy, since I didn't make any skins for this myself, but I didn't think that BLOODQWEN or TurtleBat would mind... Skins that were made in the past, such as:

    0_1475633567019_skin1.png (Credit to TurtleBat) - (Priest)

    0_1475633620824_skin2.png (Credit to BLOODQWEN) - (Paladin)

    0_1475633676262_skin3.png (Credit to BLOODQWEN) - (Sorcerer)

    • Aesthetic Pets
      • Yeah, probably not going to happen, but I decided to take a swing at it anyways. Since Divine pets are probably what anyone will ever want, players could buy a pet to follow them around and do absolutely nothing besides look pretty.
    • Chests
      • This is what I personally thought was one of my cooler ideas. Players would be able to buy chests that are normally found in dungeons after a boss is defeated, spawn them, destroy them, and reap the loot. But don't think that these will come cheap! They will be quite the price!

    "Oh, price. You mean with fame, right?"



    I mentioned these things at the beginning of this. They aren't in the game, since they don't serve a purpose... until now. Coins is the currency of the VIP Market, fame is not used.

    "Oh, coins. Not fame. Where do I get coins?"



    No, seriously! Dying will allow you to earn coins, just like how fame is earned upon death. For every 1000 fame that you earn upon death, you earn 1 coin. If you die with 5622 fame, you earn 5 coins. The 622 fame that was leftover will not count toward the next death, sorry (not sorry).

    "Hm, that's too bad. Is there any other way that I can get coins?"

    Sure! In the nexus, there is an area where fame can be purchased as "hard copies" so to speak. This will also be true with coins, but instead of 5 variations, there will be 3: gold, silver, and bronze.

    0_1475635257685_coin.PNG = 5 coins

    0_1475635277561_coinsilver.png = 2 coins

    0_1475635295650_coinbronze.png = 1 coin

    "But, that's only if I already have some coins..."

    True! Coins will also be able to be purchased with fame. This acts as a sort of transaction between types of currency. But there is no way to convert coins back into fame, so choose wisely.

    • Gold = 5000 Fame

    • Silver = 2000 Fame

    • Bronze = 1000 Fame

    "There are some non donors here too. What about them?"

    When non donors receive coins as they die, it would be smart to buy them as hard copies and sell them to donors for fat stacks of fame or items! Being in a guild with a couple of donors might be helpful as well...

    My word, that was a lotta stuff. I probably missed a thing or two, but I'm sure you get it.



    I'm looking for a mapper that would be willing to make a map for the VIP Market, preferably someone with a mapper rank... I have no idea how to make maps. Well, I have no idea how to make good maps.

    ( BLOODQWEN and TurtleBat) If you manage to read this and don't want the skins on here, tell me to take them off. I can think of something else.


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    That was actually pretty good! Nice idea, only thing I'm really iffy about is the donor only thing, that and the idea to put some of the staff sets in there. But overall not bad!

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    o.o I think I'll cry if this got added. The idea is awesome, but since I can't get donor for years, I doubt I'll like myself. Not being selfish, and I'd actually like the idea to be added, but just sometimes a bit unfair due to the fact that the market has SOOOO MAAAANNNNYYYY COOOOLLLL THINGSSSS I want... But of course, it's just ONE opinion. Good luck on the idea though!~

  • I like the sound of "fat stacks of items and fame" , I like this...yeah...fat stacks

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    FUcking hell that first skin is gay don't revive it :V
    EDIT : Making a better one

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    The item part was very unfair as it would be easly put an UH shield for 1 million fame.

    The rest is k00l

  • Touhou

    wew this is cool

  • A Waste of Matter



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    1 for dis

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    @ClrPnk I was scared when you were going inactive. ( or do you just stay on invisible? )
    You would come back with a bang

  • @ClrPnk Everything is amazing but what could non donors do :/.

  • 27

    @IRPotatoMaster They would have to trade with the donors to get the items - it is a small reward for donors, which keeps the idea of no pay2win because the items are still tradeable.

  • @LagoonZz Thing is a long time ago i had donor :c

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