People keep calling out bullshit at cube gods

  • First jeebs, then bella. I would've died if I hadn't immediately nexused!
    People are being such dicks today.

  • UPDATE: I died. Thank you, dear shits.

  • That sounds horrible. I usually set my chat requirements to 10 stars, and always ignore people calling jeebs, it's almost always a fake call :c
    At least you didn't die!

  • @Fierokk The jeebs was from a red star (I'm sure) and the bella was from orange I think.

  • @Rilnik Oh my gosh, that's sad. This is why I don't like fame trains >.>
    Sadly, the only thing you could do is ignore them and hope there aren't many more like them (and there is)
    GL on rebuilding

  • Risk is inherent when teleporting. If you aren't prepared to nexus immediately then you deserved to lose your character.

    Also rip

  • Get better reaction times tbh. I teleport to that shit sometimes and I have never died to it, I don't play tanky classes, or tricksters.

    I play like ninja or sorc.
    I just realize that I see a giant fucking blue cube about to blow my damn face off so I run the other way as soon as I see it.

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