How to: Farm Abyss and Troom effectively.

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    My first guide! I plan on making some other guides based on certain dungeons sometime - if you have a question or request about other dungeons, I'll be glad to answer that too. (Sorry if the formatting is bad, I'll fix that if you have suggestions.)

    So, I know there will be some of you who decide to farm for this extremely rare item some day, and I'm here to help you with my knowledge of Abysses. I have run 1000+ abysses, so here's some information and trends I've come to share with you.

    Where to find trooms

    This section tells you about where you will be likely to find, or to not find a troom.

    • It's common to find trooms in the upper area of the Abyss, it's much rarer to find one in the lower areas. They don't like to spawn directly below other rooms either. That means that having a spawn point at the bottom/middle will be your best chance at finding one.
    • Usually you won't see a troom near the boss room, attempting to go as far away from the boss room will usually be where the troom is. It is possible that one can spawn near the boss room, but it's much more rare.
    • You won't see a troom near the spawn point either, so you'll have quite some running to do.
    • Zoom out your map when you spawn, a large layout means more chance of a troom spawning. If the layout is too small, there may not be anywhere for one to spawn. I have never encountered a troom near the spawn point, and I rarely encountered them in a small map.
    The best and worst Abyss "layouts"

    Best: A large abyss layout where you spawn at the bottom or middle of the map is great, especially when the boss is over to one side. For example, if the boss is over to the top left and you're at the bottom, it's highly likely that if there's a troom it will be at the top/top-right since that's the furthest distance between yourself, the boss, and the unexplored area. This is your greatest chance of finding a Troom.

    Worst: A small layout should be enough to turn you away from searching for a troom in an Abyss now, but it's much worse when you spawn at the top of the map. Remember, trooms don't like to spawn below other rooms very often. Just those two factors alone drastically decrease the chances of there being a troom.

    Class Options

    Paladin. You're cutting yourself short if you bring a different class to farm Abysses. If you're doing it in a group and there's already a Pally or two, then Warrior is fine too. If that's the case, just bring a Jugg and you should be fine. Do not use a tiered helm, you'll likely just run into a bunch of projectiles and lava.

    If you're serious about farming for the soulbound Gladius of Hell's Forge, be prepared to spend over a week farming trooms. You'll want the best gear you can get your hands on if you want to do so effectively. Lava seal? Cap Sword? Throw those away, you won't be needing them here. I've experimented with many sets, and the best that I've found for this purpose is...


    • War hammer is used as a main weapon. It's far better than cap sword here because it can one shot most enemies while buffed, it's great for rushing Abysses. It's better to kill them instantly than to have more dps with a cap sword.
    • Csword is used for hitting those annoying enemies which stand far away at times.
    • T6 Seal is the only seal which should be used to buff with, it's the perfect match between damaging/healing/hp buff. Immediately switch it out for Cap Seal once you buff to get the +6Def bonus. That +6 def is extremely important because of the low def of the set. Do not use the Cap Seal buff, you'll be a sitting duck without the Healing buff.
    • Oreo is only used for extremely sticky situations. (I rarely use it, it's not really essential.)
    • Cap Armor and UBHP are also great additions, the massive HP and decent def work wonders. You can switch out one of them for a ~24def armor or a Pyra, or whatever if you're unable to afford these items. You will need high HP though, make sure you're prepared.
    Vital Maxed Stats
    • DEF - This set has a low amount of Def, if you don't max this stat then you're going to have a bad time. You're going to be hit hundreds of times in every Abyss, so every point of def matters - A LOT.
    • WIS - You definitely need max wis, or be close to maxing if you want to do this successfully. Otherwise you will lose some HP buff, Healing and Damaging, and increasing the amount of time needed to regen MP, making it far more dangerous and time-consuming to complete the dungeon.
    • SPD - Higher Spd means the enemies will also chase you faster to keep up, because their chase speed is high. That means all of the enemies will be directly behind you while chasing, which makes it easier to hit with War Hammer. Otherwise, the enemies will be more spread out making it much more difficult to hit them and circle properly.
    • ATT - Maxing this stat will be helpful to one shot enemies, not being maxed will cause most enemies to survive the first attack, which essentially doubles the time they have to attack you. Rushing Abysses is fast-paced, leaving those few more enemies alive just could mean the end of your character.
    • DEX - Useful. It's not as important as the other stats, but maxing this would be great if possible. The War Hammer has a low 40% fire rate, so more Dex is definitely better.
    • LIFE - Okay. Not really as needed as other stats. With this set and the buff, you'll already have 1067HP with an average roll Paladin (675 Base HP). Life costs a bit to max as well, so don't worry if you can't afford it.
    • MANA - Okay. It's not a vital stat, but it can give you a bit more room for safety if maxed. If you decide to max this stat, it's up to you. With average Mana (195) you will be able to buff 3 times in succession, however while maxed you can increase this number to 4 buffs. Otherwise, you just need to wait 7 or so seconds for the fourth buff. Don't continue rushing unless you can sustain buffs, stop and clear.
    • VIT - Nope. The thing which will get you through this dungeon alive is your WIS and DEF, Vitality does almost nothing since 40 is a pretty negligible amount compared to the Healing+HP Buff. You will max Vit after doing more Abysses anyway.
    • Always attack where you were just running with the War Hammer, and never attack ahead of yourself. If you attack forward, everything chasing behind you won't be killed and they'll destroy you the instant you reach a dead end.
    • Never stop moving until it's safe to do so, or you absolutely need to. If there are enemies on both sides of you, you're screwed - especially if they're ranged enemies. Keep moving until you find a dead end, then quickly go around the wall and kill the enemies in that room - be careful to not drag the previous enemies into that same room, drag them against that wall you ran around. If that's not possible then you should run into the corner of the room and wait until everything has been dragged inside, then circle around them with the War Hammer and kill them all at once.
    • Lava is not a threat. In many cases running through lava could save your life - especially with the previous scenario. Don't be afraid to run in lava if it gives you room to circle and not get instakilled.
    • HP & MP pots are a necessity when it comes to rushing abysses. Bring AT LEAST one of BOTH before you even attempt to rush - if you don't have pots then just clear the demons until you do, they drop frequently.
    • Keep constant track of your hp, and TURN OFF dynamic colours if you have that option checked. It is NOT a good indicator of your actual health due to delay. You will need to learn just how much you can tank, and what you know you can't. HP/MP pots can only get you so far. If your health is ~50% or less, do not move any further through rooms unless you have the MP or HP pots to support you. Stop in the current room if you're still buffed, then try to kill the enemies. If it drops below 50% and you're unsupported, it's likely you're going to die.
    Dealing with Lag

    Definitely watch out for this. There are 3 distinct types of connection Lag which I can tell you about. You will need to learn to distinguish between them, as I cannot tell you how to do that. If you have played NR for quite some time before, you should already know.

    • Your Internet Connection - This is where everything moves through the walls and all of the surrounding enemies will move close to where you were just standing, DO NOT EVER walk over that area where you were standing, even if you think the lag will hold up for a while longer. All of the attacks will spawn there, so try to move away from that area. Even if there's a black wall where you're going to walk - risk that, do not risk walking back through it - you could instantly die.
    • Server Lag - This usually only holds up for a few seconds, instead of the previous instance, all enemies will teleport in the direction they were moving instead. Try not to walk there, instead move to the side of the room. Example: You are rushing to the right through rooms and encounter this lag, move to the bottom or top of the room because they will teleport to the right side of the room.
    • Connecting to Abyss... This one is SERIOUS. If you get the "Connecting..." text for longer than you usually do, IMMEDIATELY close your tab. You will spawn on top of all the enemies which detected you while you were loading - they will ALL be shotgunning you the instant you connect. Just yesterday I dropped from 1050HP to 87 in ~0.25s because of this - and I only lived because I expected that could happen. It's extremely important you follow this warning.

    If there's anything else that you want to know about this, think I've missed something, have any suggestions for better format or moving sections around, or want to complain about something I may have stated incorrectly on this thread, please post here.

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