How to vouch for someone

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    I have seen a lot of people vouching for someone while they were going first. To clear up confusion, i made this thread. If the following requirements were met, then you may vouch.

    1. Did the seller go first?
    2. Ask if he/she has a vouch thread
    3. Now comment on his/her vouch thread telling you had a trade with the seller and he/she went first.

    Note: Do not just vouch for someone because they are well known, only vouch for them if you had a trade with them where they went first and no problems were stumbled on.

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    "Would buy again" don't say this.

  • see I feel it also works if the buyer goes first, because it also shows that the seller did not scam

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    @Charziken The seller has to go first

  • @Halloweenie I understand that, I'm just saying the other way tells me that they didn't scam

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    Personally I would never trust a seller that didnt go first unless I knew then well / trusted them enough - if they are relatively new to the selling industry, I would say that they should be the ones going first.

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