why i think there is only 1 server

  • first off stop getting fucking butthurt quit or wait until you can donate "but tilar the only server is the marketplace" just fucking wait until nilly fixes it. and maybe nilly cant pay for more servers rn wait for donates to come back then donate a lot of fucking money then nilly will and can buy new servers. and drwhen isnt gonna help anyone

  • @tilar Nilly is gone though.

  • @tilar Ur a degenerate asshole. Kys.

  • @tilar Clearly your brain is as away as Nilly is away from his own project. Get with the program genius. Nilly has been gone for a month. I just wish people like you had the common sense to realize that some of us actually like to play the game instead of sitting in one lag fest of a server where people just open dungeons and crash 24/7 because the insane numbers that are swarming one server. There are plenty of players that enjoy going in a realm and running around killing events and doing oryx.

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