Cobalt Chariot [Sword Idea]

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    0_1476147490073_Cobalt Chariot.png

    Yes, it's time for another pringle creativity vent. Expect frequent changes and the sword to be trash. I'm tryin new things here.
    So this is a highly experimental idea and it's probably going to be really bad, so please provide constructive criticism on how to improve it. Also yes, I understand the sprite is probably bland. To anybody who is going to say that, ahem (In canadian accent) "I'm sorry."

    0_1476144249470_SpearThing OUTLINE.png
    0_1476144254538_8x8 SpearThing.png
    Sprite Shots:
    0_1476144258224_SpearProj outline.png
    8x8 shots:
    0_1476144262338_SpearProj 8x8.png
    Name: Cobalt Chariot
    Desc: An amazingly sturdy yet lightweight glowing spear designed for charging into battle behind the cobalt bulwark, also feels like polished marble; how cute.

    Stats: +20 Defense +5 Speed [Please note the stats are very likely to change. Considering replacing some defense with health. If you have any ideas, PM me.]
    Shot Size: 100
    Shot Rotation: 0
    Min. Damage: 300
    Max. Damage: 400
    Shots: 1
    Arc Gap: 0
    Shotspeed: 260
    Lifetime: 200
    Range: 5.2
    Amplitude: 0
    Frequency: 0
    Wavy? []
    Parametric? []
    Rate of Fire: (20%)
    Multihit? []
    Armor Piercing? []
    Ignores Obstacles? []
    Effects: Applys Speedy 0_1476145342080_upload-54ff7e79-662f-4684-9d32-33bb91e42bb6 to the user for 0.5 seconds every shot. [This also may change frequently. If you have any change ideas, please PM me or post below.]
    Fame Bonus: 5%
    Drop Location & Chance: Cube God (0.1%) [0.001]
    Bag Type: White (6)
    How is it unique: Is the only sword to apply a buff to the character using the item. Is one of the only weapons that focus its uniqueness in a status effect and in its stats, rather than its damage being delt. Not to much to write here because it is clearly unique.

    How is it balanced: Deals very little damage, but has high utility. Nearly PERFECT for rushing, but is pretty much the worst sword ever for anything else. Wonderful for rushing dungeons, events, godlands, and even Nilly's bathroom. High range is mostly just for show, due to the low damage, but still can be used on certain bosses. Good panic weapon.

    NOTES: This sword is heavily inspired off of something Shadyman said in his item guide post. I thought it'd be nice if somebody at least took a crack at it, so here I am. Honestly, I'd love to provide a damage graph but all you really need to know is that it deals bad damage. Worse than Csword bad. Don't let those high numbers fool you. Works decently for every meele. Warrior? Adds defense. Knight? Adds speed. Paladin? You get the best of both worlds, my friend. Inb4 somebody goes "HOLY SHIT IT GIVES FUCKING TWENTY DEFENSE, HOLY FUCKING SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT THAT'S OVERPOWERED" dude thats like... twenty points of damage. Chill the fuck out broham. Plus you deal like zero damage anyways. Would be nice to have a rushing weapon, right? not like I've been trying to push rushing items lately, right? If anybody is wondering why it drops from cube god, then I'll be honest with you: Cube god is trash and we all know it. He's super hard and his loot sucks. the dude needs something to make him worth-while. The only white the guy drops is worse than another existing dagger. Bloody amazing, right? I created the sprite on a previous sprite I've made as reference. If it looks anything like your weapon, it is purely coincidence.

    Reference: 0_1476145544465_upload-97e05142-533b-483e-98d5-a204711fd2e7

    That's pretty much all I've got to show for now. If you liked it please like, comment, and subscribe for more videos. Jokes, but a like would be appreciated. If you don't like it and think it's a steaming pile of trash, please say why and provide constructive criticism in the comments along with ideas on how it could possibly be fixed. Please don't be a Marty.

    Thank you for all the support.



    um a chariot is a horse drawn cart not a sword

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    look gud 10/10

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    @idkwhatthi Yeah and a Bulwark is a fucking wall. Never see anybody complain about that, do ya?
    It's just a name. It's not supposed to be the actual thing; just represent what it does or what it's used for.

    @DankCat Thanks my man.

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    @Pringle Well, well, what do we have here:
    1.-I kinda don't like the stats mostly because NR defense doesn't work like Prod's(And because i don't like weapons with stats at all).
    2.-I fear that what you're proposing is a pain or even uncodeable.
    3.-If it is possible to code, there will no point on using speedy buffs items. You just have to shot to rush wish makes some rusher class trash(specially ninja).
    3.-The RoF is so low that even A.S.S. would be a better option.

    Those are my views about this item, i leave you the buffing.


    @Pringle ehhh bulwark makes sense because it does kind of create a fortress with its trap...

    i don't think your sword turns you into a cart though, if it did that would be dank af

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    Thank you for your criticism.

    1.-I understand the defense nerf and I honestly don't agree with it to begin with. I would of made the defense much less if it wasn't for it. I could trade out some of the defense for health, what do you think of that?
    2.- I think it should be codable. If abilities have triggers then likely so do weapons. All the effect has to do is be connected to that trigger. I don't know too much about coding though.
    3.-This is a strong point I have thought about. I still think, however, Ninjas are highly relevent compared to this sword due to their ability do deal massive damage awhile still running, plus having a high damage shot after their abilities use in conjunction with their katana dealing massive damage.
    4.-The low RoF is there to keep the buff on refresh, and to show that the weapon isn't at all designed for dealing damage. The A.S.S. without a doubt (and is supposed to be) a better option for dealing damage.

    @idkwhatthi And this gives you high speed and defense like an armored chariot.


    @Pringle i feel like that's stretching it a bit :P

    it doesn't matter at all though so who cares

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    @Pringle HP would seem more reasonable(because with def a knight can archive near 100 def)

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    @Night-Owl Will look into changing up the stats. Thank you for your advice. If you had any advised health additions and defense reductions, what would they be? If you don't have any, that's fine too. I'll be looking into this.

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    Perma speedy on a weapon with 0MP cost? No thanks. Even if the actual dps is terrible, it should not be compensated for in this way, ever. Even though it's designed for rushing, this is pushing it - way too far.

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    @Wizardism Thinking of loweing the speed buff to 0.5 seconds. That way its merely small charges. Thank you for the criticism. I don't expect this weapon to get far for how experimental it is, but I'll try my best.


    instead of speedy maybe a permanent +10 or +15 spd?

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    @idkwhatthi Possibly, and it would be easier to code to. I'll give it some thought. Thanks.

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    huge edit, mb.

    I'll be working on this for a bit. Huge update in a few days. nothin is solid. ;)

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