I understand that "The servers come up and down all the time", but isn't this a bit ridiculous?

  • I suppose I shouldn't complain about a free private server, but I'm going to anyways.

    The server count has been slowly declining for the last week, and there has been no official response to anything. Even if you are doing something, the majority of the community thinks you aren't doing anything, especially when the only response is "The servers come up and down all the time". Like really? If you said "r" I would be less upset. The way it was said makes it seem you aren't even aware what the problems are and are not even trying to fix it, and at this point I certainly hope I'm just mistaken.

    Either A) tell us your progress so we don't feel completely ignored, or B) tell us you also have no idea what the heck is going on so we can move on.

    If money is the reason why the servers are shutting down, maybe you should start accepting donations again, considering you haven't for the past 6 months. I'm sure plenty of people would be happy to donate if the NR will continue to run, regardless of rewards

    There's also the problem of account security, but that's for another rant.

  • Lolicons

    nilly is taking a break, I doubt he even knows this is happening.

  • and the rest of us don't have direct access so we can't do anything :^)


    @DrWhen so you mean we'll have nothing but marketplace until nilly comes back? rip game

    at least prod is releasing new dungeons..

  • aw hell yeah

  • @BingoWasHisNamo Another wise guy :D

  • FluffyDeathMachine

    1. How long is Nilly on break for?

    2. How retarded is he for only having him in control of all the servers

  • Lolicons


    1. Who knows.
    2. He knows what he's doing. Others used to be able to reboot servers, there is a reason that they cannot anymore. If it were possible, he would have given other admins control in this situation. He's not retarded, the decisions he makes are to benefit the players, not to make it more difficult for us just because he can.

    @nilly said in Where did nilly go?:

    @Leevim , We'll get other staff able to reboot again. There is a problem with doing that atm because that "D'oh" problem can cause the database to be wiped. If someone rebooted once that happened, the server would reboot and wipe everyone's progress.

  • Lovecraft

    i have a question

    aren't there other admins could do rollback?

  • Lolicons

    @Azatoth Only nilly can rollback the server.

  • I feel like people are gonna quit even before Nilly comes back and solves the problem. Until then, only marketplace lives and we are all gonna stay there until keys run out and we die? And the hacking of NR is gonna continue?
    Oh god.
    Is Nillys Realm Dead?

  • @Wizardism i think dr.peanut has the game.idk ask him

  • As long as nilly doesnt come back, there will be only 1 server.

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