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  • so I unbound my nexus about 2 days ago because I was doing dungs with a powerful priest and I didn't want to wait in a 100+ queue. Now the servers are back and I went into a tomb. I was rushing like a boss with my uh tome so I didn't think I was gonna die but then I lagged near a lion archer. I thought to myself "pfft, no problem - I have an UH tome and I can nexus anyway" so I endured the lag and faced the lion archer (there was other shit attacking me as well). So, no big deal, I use my uh tome but get paralyzed again by those little 1 millimeter paralyze turds so I thought I should nexus. I hit R and it did nothing. "Wtf? What is going on?" I thought as the monsters were raping me. So I tried to exit the game by closing the tab (and yes. I was dumb enough to not close the window). But I couldn't quite seem to hit that close tab button. So I ripped. Rip 7/8 priest

    tl;dr: I unbound my nexus key and forgot to bound it again when facing a lion archer.

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    i rate the story 3/10 not enough eagle sentry


    ;-; rip

  • @loudman42069 ~2 eagle sentries were attacking me so don't worry

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    @GiraRay 2/10 Not enough whine. Never forget that the nexus command has a slight delay. Rollback probable, so your lucky.

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    @GiraRay If you are using a mouse to close the tab, you dont need to hit the small x button at the right of the tab icon. Just press down the scroll wheel on the open tab and it will close (make sure it is properly pressed down). To make sure it works try it a few times on tabs that arent important to make sure you know what to do before you do it when you're in a life-or-death situation.

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