Update for Nilly's!

  • It would be nice if we can get 8x8 skins like in prod, (if that is copyright) don't. - We can make our own slightly different ones :^)

    Pets into game? - (This could possibly break the game or be impossible to do) - Would be nice to have though :)

    Realm closing time can be speeded up after killing certain events E.G. Liches and Oasis / Phoenix?

    Letting O3 drop a key to BBQ at rate same as kids cape - (Rare)

    New dungeons created by admins? - (New drops)

    Implementing Summer Solstice set and Oryx set - Sun ones drop from Phoenix at rare rate - Oryx set drops from o3 at same rate as Sun set.

    A gambling game you can play for fame to get new items - Not like alchemist or mystery box, but more of like a "wheel of fortune" if we can make this it would be fun.

    Fix auto ban bot - So that it is less sensitive but more sensitive if you know what I mean :^)

    OA back with new maps - (If possible)

    Admin online notification - "Nilly has come online" - unless they in cloak mode or whatever.

    Shitpost on forums striker - E.G. the moderators keep a tally of how many times you have shitposted to go on record for future events. (To stop trolling on forums)

    All cloths and dyes have a chance to drop (From any boss) - Just to make game a little bit more colourful - (But decrease drop rate of cloths) - So that Bazaar not out of business fully.

    More nexus houses - Because they fun to play in :^)

    New vault theme - (Not so dark)

    These are just some ideas, if you see any other implications of these ideas please comment below. Pick out one you really like the idea of and go from there - Comment what you like and what you don't like.

    Thankyou for reading :^)

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    8x8 skins: I have nothing against it. Skins are nice.
    Pets: Nope, fuck pets.
    Realm closing: I don't see anything against it but how often are liches killed?
    O3 BBQ drop: Why not?
    New dungeons: The admins have a lot on their hand right now don't they? Also hopefully Ruin island gets released soon.
    Set items: IDK, isn't that copyright again?
    Gambling: This'd be nice.
    Auto ban bot: This'd be good so people can actually find out who is really afking on the beach.
    OA: I wanna do an Oa already. What is the map size for oa, I want to make a market place inspired map due to recent events.
    Admin notification: I like this but they should have their privacy as well.
    Shitpost striker: Shitposts are the best posts
    Dye drops: +1
    Nexus houses: +1
    Vault theme: I like the current vault.
    These are my thoughts on them.

  • @astranite Very nice :)

  • Donor

    gambling please +1

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