Asylum LootEyes

  • At the spawn Asylums, u run up, turn right and then go down.
    When going down, the hallway, all the way down is the red thingy boss whatever its called.
    Above that is a room where an Asylum LootEye is.
    To the right of it is the other miniboss the whatever its called.
    If you lean against or close against the wall where the loot eye is, The looteye actually shoots the rockbomb over the wall.
    how does that make sense.
    How does the loot eye see things over the wall. :c
    I lost a necro with UH staff, hellfire and chaos gauntlet. :c

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    @Nicolelynnn It prefers to be called 'Mad Eye Moody' because it stole his fake eye and can now see through walls

  • @LagoonZz Well then. Thats bullshit

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    @Nicolelynnn Lesson of the day: when running up to the 2nd miniboss, never move to the top left corner of the room because theres always a nice rockbomb waiting for you

  • @LagoonZz I learnt that the real hard way of losing good stuff :c

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