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    First of all, thank you for informing us that smn spawned avatars, boshys, etc. and /killplayer'd in marketplace. We didn't know it beforhand.
    Yes, we know you lost your char and we really do empathize with you.
    Also, you're completly right, everyone that died should get refunds and even more to recompense all the stress you had to go through because of your tremendous loss.
    Last but not least, keep making post and mentioning admins aka DrWhen. This will help getting his attention and will ofc speed up the process of the rollback.

    But for real now

    Believe it or not, all of us know what happened by now and the few that don't were either inactive for approx 20 years or are mentally retarded. Also, 95% of the community doesn't give a shit about your death so quit whining and spamming the forums and, for the love of god, stop spamming DrWhen, nigga's only human, too.

    Edit: Btw DrWhen already responded to the incident 0_1476272327446_upload-f681c2d6-2e2b-4922-a6fa-adb43c5fb6cc

  • Compaining about complaints usually doesn't solve stuff. People will keep posting about spawned boshys, killed chars, etc. anyway.

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    The entire situation in a nutshell.

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