Scammy trying to make me false report a player

  • This post is deleted!

  • How am I falsely reporting? :P

  • I will be following up on my forum posts with a few more screenshots as well. It is best if everyone stays clear of her on here

  • Funny thing is, I kicked ThereIAm from my guild too, because he was salty. I opened pacs for a maze. We got a maze and in it, at the jeebs idk he got salty and he got rude, then mean. Scammy said thereiam told her to kick my guild.

  • Lol even you know scammy admitted to it being her idea. You even lied to her about me and couldnt tell it to my face XD

  • @Music Tbh yea I should of never listened to thereiam and stayed with you on this but the damage is done anyway still trying to look for a way to repay you for what happened but yea :P and fyi you where right about what happened with thereiam i just decided to listen to him.

  • @Music Sorry Music, but from everything I hear, it was Scammy that kicked everyone from the guild. I have been listening to the whole current drama fest between Scammy and BladesofRage. Scammy is very angry that (s)he could not kick a member from the guild that had simply laughed about his/her knight death. In all honesty, that's quite the immature thing to do, which I can understand because (s)he is a 14 year old child that begs people for items all the time. You must not know your own buddy very well because from what I have witnessed for a good week or so is that (s)he is 100% as I just described him/her.

  • She wasn't even kicked from the guild, she left as soon as I was made a leader in BladesOfRage. I was promoted by ThereIAm because i was poking light fun at one of Scammy's characters dying and she had threatened to kick me. ThereIAm made me the same rank as her so she couldn't kick me and she immediately left saying "I can't be in this guild knowing that this asshole is a leader". I also received private messages of her saying she will get me demoted and will do what she did to Music's guild to BladesOfRage.

  • Lol scammy youre really salty about Deth becoming leader still XD
    Remember you also paid harmless to take down his original post so you wouldnt get hate and would keep scamming people

  • @teewS We are not friends you can not say why I wanted deth (demoted) not kicked please stay informed before posting silly things like this.

  • @scammy U false reported because what he did was not true and u just wanted him to get banned/hated

  • Scammy we have screenshots of it

  • @Harmless Lol read the proof I never said I wanted him banned or hated I said I dont want anything to happen o him I just want everyone to be informed about what happened :P Id prefer if nothing bad happened.

  • @teewS said in Scammy trying to make me false report a player:

    ...which I can understand because (s)he is a 14 year old child that begs people for items all the time. You must not know your own buddy very well because from what I have witnessed for a good week or so is that (s)he is 100% as I just described him/her.

    I can attest to Scammy being annoying and asking for items, but thats about all I know on the subject.

  • @scammy You must be completely out of your mind if you think you're going to convince me that you didn't want him kicked. I saw threats made by you. I know that's what you wanted. I guess, however, you did the whole guild a favor by ridding it of your membership. The good news is now none of us have to listen to you constantly whine about getting items and dying on your characters. Sadly though, you still think you can join other guilds that most likely have less tolerance for immature kids such as yourself, but I wish you luck. It's such a shame that you will unfortunately become a guild-hopper or potentially guidless. Unless you and @OPdude settle down like the idiotic couple you seem to be.

  • Scammy you know I didnt scam you out of 500 fame. You couldnt even make up a story to try and do that

  • @teewS Hah please cant you see that I was just acting in the guild your really a fool if you think I really act like a spoiled brat if you knew me well enough you would know well enough that I was just doing this for "fun" I could care less about deth getting kicked or joining any guild I do love opduud but unlike most of you lowlifes that play this game all the time I have a life so do I really care about anything you guys say? Nah. If you knew me before wipe then you would know alot more about me :)

  • @scammy you are spoiled u said I cant see because I was asian and that im poor and stupid and then u said u where not racist and said that u lived off ur parents because ur white and live in a rich neighborhood fuck me ur like one of the bitches from the movie mean girls lmao fuck outta here

  • @Harmless ... I never said that you must be out of your mind I would never say anything like that I love Asians RiceGum is bae.

  • @scammy No you said u only love ricegums u said asians are stupid and cant see and the fact u love ricegum just shows how young u are lmao ''bae'' shut the fuck up let the big boys discuss the matter

  • Scammy lemme just point out you actually fell in love with @OPdude because @teewS posted a picture of him on discord XD


  • You also realize the whole guild has screenshots of you threatening us and you dont even have any proof to try and make your story seem legit

  • So this is a pretty spicy meme.alt text

  • @ReaperSoul Kekerino

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