Possible way to add pets.

  • Nilly would probably never add this to the game due to many reasons but I guess I might as well throw this out there for use :s

    Just like in prod you will have the families ( unless they get reduced ) and the rarity of the pet. Which each rarity the pet gets better and will cost more overall. Now unlike it prod pets do not any type of healing or damaging except they add to your stats ( except hp and mp ? ) They can only give to 3 different stats though so you might get a pet with vit, att, spd or def, att, wis or anything like that. Below will show what pet rarity and its cost, ability, and stat max/max level

    50 fame per feed
    1 ability
    Stat levels 1-3
    Level 30 is max

    125 fame per feed
    1 ability
    Stat levels 3-5
    Level 50 is max

    250 fame per feed
    2 abilities
    Stat levels 5-8
    Level 70 is max

    600 fame per feed
    2 abilities
    Stat levels 8-12
    Level 90 is max

    1000 fame per feed
    3 abilities
    Stat levels 12-15
    Level 100 is max

    Here are the prices for upgrading your pet yard.

    Common: Free
    Uncommon: 1000
    Rare: 3000
    Legendary: 8000
    Divine: 15000

    Here are the evolution cost for your pet

    Uncommon: 1500
    Rare: 4500
    Legendary: 10000
    Divine: 20000

    Like in prod you need both of your pets to be at the max level for the best stats. Although along with the fame price you need and evolution stone to also evolve a pet. Evolution stones can be found from these bosses at a 1/1500 chance.

    All tomb bosses
    Twilight Archmage ( 2nd shatters boss )
    Oryx 3 and 4
    Puppet boss

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    Sorry, but nilly won't add pets to this game (cosmetic or otherwise.) It would create too much lag.

  • The only thing i want pet-related is there being a King Gorilla in RIP Harambe server's Nexus.


    @Paracosm that existed for like an hour or so when it first came up :P

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