• I myself am in the same dilemma as another play named "astranite" - Around 20 minuites ago i got IP banned for apparently using 'GODMODE'.
    My IGN is CHANO
    ALSO: At the time i was skypeing my friend 'IGN: BAKER' and i asked BAKER to ask the admin whom i suspect banned me SOTTLER to ask why i got banned, SOTTLER responded with "im not unbanning CHANO" when he was asked why, SOTTLER responded: "hasn't he already been banned before, not for godmode for like" -his or her exact words, My friend BAKER kept asking about what i got banned for previously however SOTTLER never gave a response after that.
    (and no i have never been banned in nilly's realm let alone any game, well... maybie club penguin when i was 8 for abuse of language and come on we have all been there :) )

  • Trading Moderators

    What's your IGN? You will then need to wait until the logs are checked to decide whether or not you qualify for an unban.

  • @Wizardism my IGN is CHANO

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