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    so, i finished some npe challenges (prod).
    the last challenge i finished was the 2 guardians challenge

    rules for all these:

    dont take items from other players/natural chests(cause they can contain these)
    pets are not allowed
    vault items arent allowed(+ofc item you droped on other chars)
    vault items are allowed tho if you found them on the npe char
    skins are allowed
    backpacks are allowed if the character is 4/8 or higher maxed

    here is the list of challenges i already have done:

    1.8/8 challenge- max all the 8 stats

    diff: easy

    2.saveplay?- you can only enter dungeon with a diff mark of your dungeon level

    diff: medium

    how to get dungeon levels?
    1 max stat = 1 dungeon level
    level 20 = 1 dungeon level levels

    diff: medium

    you only have (1per level+1per max stat) equipment points
    and you can only equip items as a whole equipment if the equip points are fitting for you(1T = 1 point usage)

    example on pally equipment:
    9+5+2+4 = 20/20 equippoints used

    uts also use equipment points:
    example on some pally items:
    oreo= 7
    resu= 14
    cc= 13
    pyra= 6
    bracer = 7
    dblade = 12
    A.s.S. = 13 of each-

    diff: very hard

    you need to enter the dungeons like in the row of realmeye(entering the backportal counts as finished)
    and you cannot enter a dungeon (exept the next dungeon of the row (starting on pcave ending on whine cellar))
    after the every dungeon is compleate, you start on pcave again and so on (trying to 8/8)

    dungeons that are exeptions:
    candyland / lair of shaitan / deadwater docs / puppet masters encore / battlenexus / cave of thousand treasures / belladonna's garden / and beachzone

    extra rules:
    you dont have to solo the dungeons (shatters whould be nearly impossible)
    only 1 dragon for draconis is needed

    4.2 guardians-

    diff: hard

    you cannot enter highlands until you beat "queen bee" solo
    and you cannot enter godlands until you beat the manor boss solo
    also you cannot enter any event dungeons until you beat woodlands and crawling solo
    (entering means also that its not allowed to enter dungeon or collect drops of that area)

    extra. permadeath / dou

    diff: IMPOSSIBLE?

    basicly the same as the 8/8 one but with 2 players and if one of them dies
    the other one have to start all over again aswell ^_'^

    i tryed so hard to finish this one but i wasnt able to do anything / maxing a single stat etc

    i whould love to see any ideas for the next challenge!

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    @Icarius-Inius NPE challanges

    K I L L M E

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    @Halloweenie thanks forumcamper

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    @Icarius-Inius It was an honor to help you

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