Top 10 best weapons.

  • Now these are what I think as the best weapons ingame and everyone might have a different opinion but these are the ones I think are the best.

    1. Bow of Janus Rage. Although it offers a very low rate of fire it does 100-150 damage and has 4 shots. It does however have less range than most bows but enough to stay safe. Luckily though a good armor and quiver can help replace this slow bonus.

    2. Staff of Insanity. This staff has the 2nd highest dps of every staff ( excluding ep ) With its 0-200 damage it does make a good staff for higher defense enemies. It does however have a 90% RoF and does not shoot like a normal staff but on a class like wizard it can be very horrific.

    3. Bloodbath Dagger. Although this dagger does not have the highest dps ingame it does make it in the top 5s list of daggers. With a staggering 60-120 damage, 2 shots, and 120% RoF it is a very good dagger that is pretty cheap. Its shot are also very close together making hitting an enemy very easy.

    4. Unholy Staff. Having slightly more dps than Staff of Insanity making it the best staff currently. With 80-120 damage it makes it around 15 damage stronger than the T14 staff. Although this staff has about 2 range less than a normal staff it is best to use this staff in glands or in areas that cant easily kill you.

    5. Captain America Sword. Seemingly weird to see this weapon so high in the list here is why I think the weapon is not so great. It does give 120-300 damage and has a range of 4 with armor piercing and can hit multiple enemies. However it is expensive and not that common to find but can make use on enemies with very high defence.

    6. Sadist Blade of the King. A very rare weapon to drop off Ghost King but really has its worth. Doing 145-155 damage and 3 shots with a range of 4 this is a very good weapon to use on most events. However it only has a RoF of 50% but makes a very good use for a class like warrior due to 50 dex and 75 att.

    7. Z-saber. A very, very, very rare item to drop off mega man. With a high damage of 250-300 and 4.7 range it makes for a good weapon. Its shots can also pass through obstacles making it very good in bad situation.

    8. Mega Blaster. No longer as a drop but might be possible to get ( If not wrong Oxygen has one from the market :s ) Having 2 shots that do 80-120 damage this weapon is by far the best cbow like weapon. It also has a high range of 8 and has a RoF 125% making it shoot faster than a normal.

    9. Unholy wand. A very rare drop from Bedlam in Asylum but it is very good. Dealing 65-125 damage and having 3 shots this weapon really deals some great dps. It also has the ability to pass through obstacles and hit multiple targets. However it has a 50% rate of fire and shoots like a bulwark but with the bullets shoot pass you and orbit each other ( Might need to be checked on the shots ) it does however make a deadly combo with hellfire robe and bracer. The weapon however is very good for crowd control and for enemies that are moving towards you despite for these factors.

    10. Boshy gun. Dropping at a 1/10000 chance from boshy you will not find many players with it. It is impossible to deny that this currently the best weapon ingame due to it doing 500-700 damage, having 5 shots, and a range of 16. However it does have a 50% but with max dex and with armor and a quiver giving some good dex then it wont be as bad. Reason being for being the best weapon is because that most things can be killed in one hit and you can shoot most things ( O3 ) without having to be harmed. Be warned though, it is recommended you do not use this weapon unless you have something that can revive you.

    Now there are other weapons that could of made this list but didnt add them.

    For some reason the numbering is dumb XD

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    Firestorm>Zsaber imo

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    Guardian sword is 2


    staff of insanity and bow of janus rage? seriously? those are worse than their tiered counterparts, much less the powerful UTs we have available...

    E: also sadist is shit too... that dps is horrible and you basically have to sit on stuff...

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    Did you fucks not read this? "Now these are what I think"
    "What I think" These are opinions. He's just trying to list some items what he thinks are good. I don't say you're not allowed to criticize but just keep in mind that these are opinions

  • are you ready for mine????
    1: skysplitter sword, its easy to get.
    2: skysplitter sword, on market for 25-70 fame super cheap
    3: skysplitter sword, only a 25-20 dmg diffrance from sword of majesty
    3: skysplitter sword, the sprite is so beautiful with that golden hilt :')
    4: skysplitter sword, literally its name is "SKY SPLITTER" SPLITING IT JUST LIKE ONE PU- ok.
    5: skysplitter sword, it makes me happy, its so calming like a nice cup of jasmine tea
    6: skysplitter sword, barely beats sword of splendor's beautifulness by a little
    7: skysplitter sword, it's underrated : (
    8: skysplitter sword, with a warrior buff, ur op :]
    9: skysplitter sword, it should be everybody's favorite
    10: skysplitter sword, you become a good person while holding it


    @Halloweenie um, those are some unpopular opinions for sure...

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    Reported for having Janus on this list.

  • Its nilly's breh all you need is a cheap weapon that hits multiple targets for loot, this list seeing most have high dps is more relevant to prod rather than NR.

    But boshygun would be nice :^)

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