Seeking Wizard Advice

  • Wiki Editor

    I have 5.2k right now and I wanna know what set I should get and ?/8.

    How much of this fame should I spend maxing?

    How much of this fame should I spend on a wizard set?

    What is a good set(with my budget)?

  • Lovecraft

    @BronzeV just get cheap stuff like t12 staff t0 spell t13 robe compass or expo works fine

  • Wiki Editor

    Tops are good + getting them 6-8/8's.

    Basically, cosmic (100-200), eledet (200-400), gsorc (100-150), exa hp (>150). If average, 150+300+125+200=775. Rest can easily 6-8/8 that wizard (with at least 4.2k or something, that's a very high comfort zone for maxing).

    Honestly, pyra, in my honest opinion, is pointless to buy (due to it being so common in tomb but yeah, good option for the wizard). If you're willing to spend 400-600 more for pyra, go for it.
    With pyra though, it may be a risk factor if life/mana aren't cheap.

    If you're in the mood, go for a steel shocker. Allows that maxed wizard to shred through crowds.

  • The Love shack

    Tops, 6/8 (8/8 if you wanna go the extra mile, max mana isn't easy though, so it might be easy to give it a miss)
    Ring should be something like pyra, or just a stock HP ring

  • t12 staff uh spell mnova gsorc any ring you like/can afford. uh spell is main item that can save life and allows to farm longer.
    def>speed>vit>anything (sell mana/life and buy other pots if you want) idk for me i see no difference after half def maxed so maybe buy 10-15 defs and farm/buy the rest.

  • Wiki Editor

    Thanks I'm gonna buy like 70% of pots and farm the rest for other skills.

  • @BronzeV if you need wizard advice, Tag
    Thats a bad joke, ik, im sorry.

  • 6/8 it with crystal serpent staff and just cheap other alternatives. Done and you can max another class 8/8 :3

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